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G4S International Training Inc. – Virginia Campus Teams Up with Overland Experts (OEX) and Redback One Combat Training Systems (RB1) for the Future

G4S International Training, Inc. (G4S ITI), a training company of G4S, and providers of benchmark security training programs to the U.S. Government, U.S. Military and corporate America, is focusing on skill areas to improve upon through partnerships with Overland Experts (OEX) and Redback One Combat Training Systems (RB1). These two companies are well known within select circles for their excellence and the advanced training they offer. The future of G4S ITI requires the right combination of team members and partners to offer an expanded level of training capability and increase the level of excellence in G4S ITI’s presentation of the many skills offered at the campuses.

OEX and Redback One Combat Training Systems are two small business companies working with G4S ITI to bring the collective capabilities together and offer a higher level of training excellence.

“G4S International Training, Inc. is very pleased to be in partnership with two companies who are well recognized for their work in the security industry,” remarked Lamar Tooke, Vice President, G4S ITI Operations. “Redback One Combat Training Systems and Overland Experts are widely known for their excellent work in firearms (RB1) and off-road driving skills (OEX).  We believe our core skill abilities complement each other and allow the team to offer a wider array of training to the traditional clients of each individual company. G4S ITI is looking ahead to a more integrated training approach where our clients require these skills brought together in a single package.”

OEX is very well known for their high level of off road training at their sites in Connecticut and Orange, VA. Their training capability extends to the very advanced aspects of off road driving in a fleet of vehicles that are commonly known to the special operations community. The OEX site in Orange, which is the G4S ITI focus, is very challenging with some obstacles requiring hours of planning and effort to successfully negotiate depending on the experience level of the students.

“Overland Experts understands the need to align itself with G4S ITI in order to maintain competitive costs while providing the best training for our military personnel,” commented Garrett Porterfield, Director of Training – Virginia Beach for Overland Experts. “Overland Experts arrangement with G4S ITI allows our military clients to perform the necessary training in a more streamlined environment – where several types of training disciplines can be packaged together in order to keep travel time and costs to a minimum without sacrificing overall quality.”

Redback One Combat Training Systems, headed up by Jason Falla, offers G4S ITI an expansion of firearms, medical and combative capabilities through a small business approach. Redback One is known for its excellence in firearms training and Falla has expanded their offerings in the coming year to include medical, combative and law enforcement capabilities, along with access to G4S ITI facilities and instructors as needed.

“Redback One is very excited to announce our partnership with G4S ITI. Teaming with a large business, such as G4S ITI, provides great opportunities for Redback One to reach a wider customer base, particularly Government clientele,” stated Jason Falla, Director of Training for Redback One Combat Training Systems. “With the core business of our company being training, it is very important that we can provide not only the best instruction to our customers, but offer them the best training facilities. Our partnership has afforded us the ability to utilize the G4S ITI training facilities in order to conduct our training events. This has significantly increased our company capability in offering the very best training available.”

G4S ITI is excited for 2012 with its many partners and teaming arrangements. Taken together, G4S ITI should offer an excellent level of expanded training to their combined clients.