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Giving the Love of the Outdoors Back to our Soldiers

By October 7, 2009No Comments

Next time you put your orange on or don your camo to take your gun for a walk, think about our men and women who won’t be able to go hunting this fall because they are either serving our country over in Iraq or Afghanistan, or because they have suffered from stress or an injury in a prior tour of duty. Don’t you feel lucky now? Maybe a little guilty?? 

It’s payback time! Whether you are like us, working in the shooting sports industry, or just an average outdoor loving Joe or Jane, you can give our soldiers the fresh air, mountain views, fish-on experience of a life-time by donating or sponsoring a soldier at www.freedomhunters.org. Freedom Hunters is a non-profit outdoor adventure program under American Military Family dedicated to taking active duty, wounded, Gold Star and families of the deployed on hunting and fishing trips to relax and recoup. Through the generous contributions of conservation groups, outfitters, corporations and land owners, Freedom Hunters honors individuals from all branches of the military with experiences of a life-time. 

If you want to help you can donate product or cash, sponsor an event, help cover expenses for a specific adventure, honor a selected service member, or get your company to become a sponsor! 

So the next time you see a soldier in the airport or the grocery store or anywhere, stop and say thank you and click here for give back!

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