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Innovative Forensic “Making the World Better with Team Collaboration”

The Virginia-based, investigative genetic genealogy team rebrands to better communicate collaborative services from submission to conclusion.

Emporia, Va. (July 2020) – Innovative Forensic, an investigative genetic genealogy firm providing services to law enforcement, announces it has rebranded to provide customers with a clearer vision of how the company’s collaborative approach entails “submission to conclusion” services.

As part of their new marketing efforts, Innovative Forensic has launched a new logo embracing the concept of teamwork and support for their clients. Additionally, the company shortened the name to better reflect the broader range of offerings they provide. When agencies employ Innovative Forensic as their investigative genetic genealogy resource, the highly skilled and experienced team work with the agency from initiating the lab work on the available evidence, to the analysis of retrievable DNA, and the investigation into the genetic profiling and conclusion. As part of their continuous service approach, the team, with its legal expertise, works with agencies to ensure all DNA evidence extraction and analysis have followed police procedurals.

“Unlike most other investigative genetic genealogy firms, Innovative Forensic takes a holistic approach,” Jennifer Moore, co-founder, CEO, and investigative genetic genealogist, stated. “Because our team is comprised of experts in various fields of investigation, legal, and investigative genetic genealogy, we can provide a comprehensive service so an agency doesn’t have to go out and find a lab, then find a genetic genealogist or someone to help prepare the analysis and evidence for court. Innovative Forensic does it all, from start to finish, and it is that company mission, we want to make clear in our marketing efforts.”

Innovative Forensic works with law enforcement agencies from the submission of a case through conclusion, whether it is a violent crime, cold case, a missing person, living identification, or unidentified decedent. The eight-member team draws on years of experience in investigative genetic genealogy, legal, family and victim advocacy, and law enforcement.

To find out how Innovative Forensic can help your agency, visit their new site at or contact them.

About Innovative Forensic:

Innovative Forensic is an investigative genetic genealogy firm providing services to law enforcement agencies, working collaboratively through the entire lifecycle of the case, from submission to conclusion. Unique in the industry, Innovative Forensic combines years of expertise in the growing field of investigative genetic genealogy with a deep expertise in legal, law enforcement, and family advocacy. For more information, visit