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Knife Robot® Exceeds Expectations on Indiegogo

By March 14, 2017No Comments

The Knife Robot, the high-tech, auto knife sharpener in portable and built-in models has exceeded its goals at Indiegogo.


Redwood City, Cal. (March 2017) –Knife Robot®, the world’s first no-hands, no-hold, automatic knife sharpener successfully launched on Indiegogo in early March. Currently, the Knife Robot has over 150 backers raising 270% over the projected goal of $20,000. The Knife Robot Indiegogo project will be available until April 5, 2017.

“The Knife Robot project has eclipsed our expectations,” Jim Kolchin, Knife Robot founder and CEO said. “Knife Robot has a wide application for multiple marketplaces, from the home kitchen to restaurants and from knife collectors and hobbyists to outdoors men and women, the Knife Robot saves time, eliminates mess and makes for a perfectly sharp blade every time.”

Renowned knifemaker and designer, Ed Schempp, upon seeing the Knife Robot told Facebook fans, “I have used the machine. It is real.”

The Knife Robot takes the guess work and the physical work out of knife sharpening. It can sharpen any knife, including serrated knives with a minimum blade length of 2-inches and a maximum blade length of 10-inches. The maximum blade width is 4-inches and maximum thickness is 3/8-inches.

With the hands-off mechanism, the knife is inserted and the Knife Robot does all the work in about 5 minutes. Using seven motors sensing the knife shape in 4 DoF it precision sands any detectable burrs, removing them based on custom input of angle, speed, and pressure. Sander motor speed and the angle (10 to 45 degrees per side) can be customized on the portable version for home cooks and hobbyists. Additional customization allows for setting a different angle on each side and the amount of pressure (light, medium, hard belt pressure), and watch on the portable’s screen courtesy of a microscopic camera. Replacement belts are available on Amazon for $1.00 and last for about 100 sharpenings.

The Early Bird Portable Knife Robot offering for only $279 with an estimated delivery of October of 2017 has been filled. The $299 Portable Knife Robot and the Portable Limited Edition Knife Robot featuring black carbon fiber panels available at $599 are still available.

To see videos of the Knife Robot in action visit Indiegogo.com and stay up on the conversation with Facebook.

About Knife Robot:

Founded by an entrepreneur and inventor in Silicon Valley, California, the Knife Robot is the latest lifestyle enhancing product developed using smart technologies to offer customers conveniences and services unfounded in today’s marketplace. www.kniferobot.com