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KODABOW has teamed up with the KILLBILLIES OUTDOORS team – Jason Hanson and Patrick Elswick as a sponsor for the upcoming Killbillies Outdoors TV Show beginning its first season 25 July, 2011 on Versus TV. “We are excited to be onboard with the Killbillies” said Chuck Matasic, President at Kodabow. “These men deliver a unique viewpoint into the hunting experience and have exceptional confidence in our performance crossbows. They appreciate Kodabow as a USA company with a strong military and hunting orientation and it’s a natural fit for us to connect with Jason and his extensive outdoor experience and Patrick, a Marine Corps decorated marksman.”

Shooters are impressed with the rugged construction and balance of Kodabow crossbows. During cocking, the safety system automatically engages and the crossbow will not shoot in a dry-fire mode. “There is not a tougher or better built crossbow” said Killbillie Patrick Elswick. We are tough on equipment and push the limits with our hunting style and Kodabow far exceeds our expectations with reliability and astonishing accuracy.

Crossbows are offered in 5 different limb weights from 125 lb to 225 lb with the 185 lb. Koda-Express, the 200 lb. Bravo Zulu and the 225 lb. Big Rhino being popular choices. The crossbows give the user the freedom to change the crossbow string in the field if required in minutes using a Destringing Aid supplied with every crossbow. Kodabow introduced its new 2011 Cocking Rope which perfectly aligns the bowstring with the trigger group using an adapter which fits into the AR-15 style rear stock delivering an extremely smooth frictionless pull when loading the limbs. Kodabow uses a common platform for all crossbows with the different models differentiated by limb weight and optics. Authentic AR-15 components are used for grips, stock, and rear buffer tube giving the bow a solid and rugged feel. Limbs are available in select Mossy Oak® camo patterns or a Black Night Weave pattern. Bows are equipped with 3 Dot and 3×32 Hawke ® optics in both standard and illuminated options and a range of accessories including bipods, alternate grips, slings, quivers and limb dampeners. Prices range between $819.99 and $899.99.