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Leader in Forging Industries, Vindico Precision, Partners with Laura Burgess Marketing

By September 30, 2014October 20th, 2016No Comments
Vindico Forging Upper and Lower Recievers

Vindico Forging Upper and Lower Recievers

Vindico Precision, LLC, provider of precision forgings and machined parts built to customers’ specifications, has employed the public relations and marketingservices of Laura Burgess Marketing to target the firearms industry.

Vindico brings over 35 years of design and manufacturing experience, coupled with a patent pending forging process producing high-quality forgings that consistently meet or exceed customer’s expectations for quality and design. Vindico’s work for a major firearms vendor has placed the company in a premium position to provide the same capabilities and high standards to a variety of firearms manufacturers looking for that extra edge in a competitive marketplace. With Vindico’s capabilities for creating custom forgings for customers, no idea is too small or too large. As Ashley Tison, Vindico Precision’s President said, “If they can dream it, we can forge it.”

Vindico’s engineering team is led by Bret Conway, Founder of Vindico Precision and Lead Design Engineer. Bret’s extensive resume begins at age 16 with an apprenticeship as a tool and die maker. With a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and a second Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering, Conway and his team bring years of experience in the manufacturing and forging for the defense, aerospace, firearms and NASCAR industries.

By using Vindico’s on-site facility for both forging and machining, customers eliminate quality inconsistencies, as well as realize a significant cost reduction due to elimination of scrap costs, lower freight costs and less paperwork dealing with multiple vendors. Vindico’s machining capabilities consist of forging, CNC milling, precision grinding services, CNC turning, CNC sawing and heat treating. Vindico forges a variety of materials, including all types of aluminum, brass, aluminum bronze, copper, magnesium and titanium.

“The benefits we offer to firearms manufacturers are many, from initial design, management of vendors, forging AND machining done in the same house resulting in lower production costs and higher product quality,” Mr. Tison continued. “With the slowdown of the firearms market, manufacturers need to be looking at their current process, saving money and time to market and delivering next generation firearms designs that will elevate market demand.”

For more information on Vindico Precision, visit www.vindicoprecision.com. To contact Vindico to discuss a potential project, call 704-626-7356 or email info@vindicoprecision.com.