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Major Law Enforcement Agencies Adopt National Police Ammunition (NPA) Z-CLEAN Ammunition

By April 29, 2016No Comments
NPA Z Clean Ammo

NPA Z Clean Ammo

National Police Ammunition (NPA) is pleased to announce its proprietary Z-CLEAN ammunition has been adopted by two of Florida’s largest law enforcement agencies, Orange County Sheriffs and the City of Miami Police Department. Z-CLEAN is used for state required qualifications and training in lead-free range facilities. Z-CLEAN the world’s most cost effective lead free ammunition features a 100 percent zinc projectile, lead-free primer and match grade accuracy.

The Z- Clean ammunition line along with the frangible C3 (Compressed Copper Cartridge), which features a happy face on the nose of most cartridges to identify the product as lead free, will be available to commercial dealers under the new Alchemist Ammunition brand at alchemistammunition.com. Greater product details can be found on npammo.com and the commercial dealer site- alchemistammunition.com.