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MasterPiece Arms Precision Rifle Shootout Announced

By February 10, 2016No Comments


MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles, Chassis Systems, Defender Pistols and Carbines, Suppressors and MPAR Rifles, is pleased to announce it will be hosting its own Precision Rifle Series (PRS) event, the Masterpiece Arms Precision Rifle Shootout, on May 14 – 15, 2016 at CORE Shooting Solutions in Baker, Florida. There will be a practice day on Friday, May 13, 2016. MPA is a Platinum Level Sponsor with the PRS. Competitors can register for the event directly on MPA’s website or by visiting the PRS website.

This will be a rifle-only event with various stage configurations designed to test the competitors ability to engage targets out to 1,000 yards from multiple positions and shooting scenarios. This match is designed to be a true test of the shooter and their equipment. Competitors are advised to bring what they think is needed as equipment will not be limited. All stages will be able to be completed successfully with standard equipment; no extra equipment is necessary but is allowed. Although this is a PRS match and match performance will go toward a competitor’s PRS points total, this event is not limited to PRS shooters.


“We are very proud to be hosting this large sponsored match with the Precision Rifle Series this year,” remarked MPA Owner Phil Cashin. “We’re looking forward to not only hosting, but participating in it, against some of the finest PRS competitors in the industry. Most of all, we hope everyone will enjoy themselves and that this will become an annual event.”

The Precision Rifle Series was created in 2012 to further the popularity of long-range shooting through a series of competitions held throughout the country. In the following years, PRS grew its base of semi-pro and pro-shooters, which encourage the development of a club-level approach to the competition, encourage new members and build a larger list of participating clubs. In 2015, PRS established a classification system using its original point’s series concept for their shooters and is introducing Regional Qualifier matches to offer shooters that cannot compete on a national stage an opportunity to qualify for the coveted PRS Championship.

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of pistols, rifles, carbines and suppressors, visit www.masterpiecearms.com.