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Meprolight USA® to Exhibit at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Meprolight USA® bringing their cutting-edge red dots and sight systems to the 148th Annual National Rifle Association Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Middletown, Penn. (April 2019) – Meprolight USA®, the US sales and marketing division of Meprolight®, a world leader in a variety of optic solutions from electro-optics sights, self-illuminated night sights, and innovative pistol sights, are pleased to display to attendees at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits a wide array of their world-renowned red dot and thermal sights. They will also show their new augmented reality weapon sight system, the MEPRO FORESIGHT. Meprolight’s latest line up will be at booth 1420, April 26 – 29, 2019 at the Indiana Convention Center, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Meprolight, an international company developing electro-optic systems for military, law enforcement, and sport shooters, opened its US facility in early 2019 to better serve their growing US market. At the 148th NRA event, Meprolight’s sales and marketing team will be demonstrating a variety of their new developments including the MEPRO FORESIGHT, the first augmented weapon sight on the market today, providing essential tactical data projected right on the transparent optical lens in real-time (battery level, sensor data, Bluetooth connectivity and in the near future, a shot counter).

The new upgraded MEPRO RDS PRO V.2 electro-optical red-dot sight is the latest generation featuring an optimized combination, more brightness positions (16 brightness levels compare to four brightness levels in its predecessor), supports both red and green aiming patterns and multiple selections of aiming patterns all through a large crystal clear, transparent display window.

The newest addition to the MEPRO RDS and RDS PRO series, the MEPRO MicroRDS, is a small, rugged, energy efficient, electro-optical red dot sight designed for handguns, shotguns, and rifles with a large display window and a clearly defined red-dot for fast target acquisition with both eyes open. The MicroRDS Kit includes a patent-pending dovetail adapter with a quick release mechanism that allows mounting and dismounting the MicroRDS on the gun with a click of a finger. The adapter includes high-quality Meprolight Night Sights that allow accurate and fast shooting under any lighting conditions when the MicroRDS Optic is removed.

Varmint hunters require sights that allow them to detect targets in total darkness and Meprolight has them covered too with the MEPRO NYX-200, a multispectral dual-channel thermal weapon sight. This robust sight is available in several configurations, all providing a high-resolution thermal channel with 640×480 microbolometer core and a 17µ pixel size. It also provides a sensitive camera channel featuring a 1280×640 microbolometer core low-light or day camera. It can quickly be changed from hand-held to weapons mount and vice versa.

For professionals requiring a multi-purpose sight capable of day/night integration and fast transition between long range and CQC situations, the MEPRO MOR PRO reflex sight with two laser pointers (visible and IR) will become their go-to sight. The passive reflex is self-illuminated for any time use and the active reflex offers an extra bright LED dot for special lighting circumstances. Red or green laser pointers for urban or close quarter scenarios can easily be activated. An IR laser pointer for covert operations gives the user the ultimate advantage. The MEPRO MOR PRO’s combined zeroing system co-aligns the aiming pattern and the two laser pointers into a single zeroing procedure, saving time and increasing accuracy.

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About Meprolight®:

Meprolight is a leading International Electro-Optics company, developing, manufacturing and marketing systems for infantry, armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilian markets since 1990.

Meprolight provides comprehensive solutions with a wide array of combat-proven products; electro-optical solutions, night vision devices, digital Low light handheld devices, thermal target acquisition systems, and a variety of night sights and other tritium illuminated products for safety and security applications.

In 2019, Meprolight established a US division, Meprolight USA, to better serve their North American customers in the commercial, law enforcement, security and military markets. www.meprolight.us