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Midwest Gun Works Offers Quality and Affordable Gunsmithing Supplies with Wheeler® Engineering

Wheeler-Engineering-logoMidwest Gun Works Inc., (MGW),  a one-stop shop for firearms parts, accessories and gunsmithing services, announce the Wheeler® Engineering Fine Gunsmithing Supplies section at Wheeler® tools are known world-wide for their exceptional value and years of dependable service, whether for professional gunsmiths or do-it-yourself gun enthusiasts.

Wheeler-Delta-Pro-Armorer-KitThe Wheeler® Delta Series features a variety of tools designed to maintain AR-15 style rifles, from the Delta Series AR Armorer’s Professional and Essential Kits to brush sets, Picatinny Rail sets, bore guides and vises. The 19-piece Delta Series AR Armorer’s Professional Kit contains all the tools required to complete a full AR build, make repairs or perform maintenance on any AR-15/M16 rifle platform. The Professional kit is available at MGW for $175.00.  Other tools in the Wheeler® Delta Series include gun vises, brush sets, Picatinny rail sets, combo tools and more.

Wheeler-FAT-WrenchThe Wheeler® Gunsmithing Tools are everything a gun enthusiast or a professional gunsmith would need to set up shop. The Wheeler® FAT Wrench, designed for both pro and amateur gunsmiths, is a handheld torque wrench that allows the user to apply repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard and other screws, aiding in accuracy and decreasing the opportunity for problems in the field. The $54.00 FAT Wrench with easy-grip handle is recommended by the Midwest Gun Works gunsmiths for preventing fatigue.

Wheeler-Laser_BoreThe MGW Wheeler® shop also includes the many different scope mounting tools from complete kits to scope ring alignment and lapping kits, retical leveling system and a Professional Laser Bore Sighter  that uses a high power red laser and high strength magnetic connection to the barrel for fast, accurate bore sighting. The Laser Bore Sighter works for literally all types of firearms: rifles, shotguns and handguns. Just turn it on and line up the crosshairs in the scope. The Laser Bore Sighter saves time and money on ammo by sighting in scopes with the laser. MSRP is $85.00.

Wheeler-Cerama-CoatMGW also carries four Wheeler® Cerama-Coat Metal finish sprays in black, flat dark earth, foliage green and olive drab with MSRP’s starting at $27.75. Wheeler® Cerama-Coat finishes are easy to use and will give guns a new life. The super hard finish consists of ultra-fine ceramic molecules that crosslink and bond to the base material. A heating process after the application forms the bond and hardens the finish to a long-lasting, durable finish. It is compatible with ferrous metals, alloys, stainless steel and synthetics and highly resistant to scratching, chipping and gun solvents. After applying three coats of the finish, bake in a 350° oven for one hour to cure finish.

To find out more about Wheeler® Engineering at Midwest Gun Works, visit or become part of the conversation on Facebook.