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Milspec Plastics Introduce the XTREME™ Zip Tie

Xtreme PicMilspec Plastics, manufacturer of the patented Cobra Cuff® announce the new XTREME™ Zip Ties which can be folded for storage and double locked for pick proof security, similar to the Cobra Cuffs but with a single strap. The double lock also serves to help prevent accidental over-tightening during transport of suspects, reducing officer liability. Using the same rubber based polymer; XTREME™ Zip Ties are also cold temperature stress crack resistant for maximum hold under extreme temperatures.

In addition, XTREME™ Zip Ties are also available in special Camouflage Color & Glow in the Dark using a unique photo luminescent additive called KRYPTAGLOW that absorbs light and releases a glow-light after dark. The new XTREME™ Glow Ties, once light charged, will glow for up to 12 plus hours. The longer the light exposure and intensity, the longer the glow will last. Each exposure time gives the glow tie a period of glowing in the dark, over and over again.

closureXTREME™ Zip Ties are used by many Law Enforcement & Corrections agencies to secure and transport suspects quickly and safely, providing a strong tamper resistant hold. The original XTREME™ Zip Tie is a rubber-based polymer zip tie with a tensile strength of 250-300 lbs. plus. The half-inch wide strap folds from 24 inches to less than 8 inches. Once the strap is inserted and tightened, the locking clip can be depressed for a permanent strap hold. XTREME™ Zip Ties and XTREME™ Glow Ties can also be used to secure any valuable against theft or where security and Cobra Cuff varietystrength are required. Their uses are numerous, from Law Enforcement, marine, hunting, field repair and home use. 

XTREME™ Zip Ties can also be linked together for use as a field leg restraint/shackle or for handcuffing XXL suspects. Available in a variety of colors: black, tan, white, yellow, green, glow in the dark and a special camouflage color. XTREME™ Zip Ties are sold in 10-packs or in bulk from authorized Milspec Distributors.

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