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National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED) Announces Membership Drive

By November 6, 2014No Comments
NAPED Membership Drive

NAPED Membership Drive

The National Association of Police Equipment Distributors 32nd Annual Conference was held in Key Largo, Florida where NAPED announced new members and a new recruiting initiative that will culminate on December 31, 2015. The membership drive is open to all law enforcement distributors and manufacturers of law enforcement and public safety equipment and gear. Companies interested in taking advantage of the many benefits offered should contact the NAPED office at 850-997-0795 or email director@naped.com for more information on this first-time, limited offer.

During the summer conference, NAPED President Andy Dennhardt met with new members and the concept for the 2014 membership drive was developed.

“I guess we have been so busy with our own businesses and our dealings with each other that we neglected to do the same kind of marketing for our industry association that we do for our own companies,” Dennhardt said. “This membership drive will get the news out to law enforcement dealers and manufacturers that they have a group whose interests are aligned with theirs and that keeps an eye on all those issues that affect us in our daily business. We’ll cap it off with our annual SHOT Show Cocktail Party, which is also a nice way for our new or prospective members to meet everyone.”

The 2015 NAPED SHOT Show Cocktail Party will be held on January 21st from 6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. in the Westin Las Vegas. For tickets to the party, or to inquire about becoming a member of NAPED, please call the NAPED office at 850-997-0795 or email director@naped.com.

New members to the prestigious law enforcement association for the year 2014 – 2015 include: Blumenthal Uniform, Boker USA, Diamondback Tactical, DoubleStar Corp., Edge Tactical Safety Eyewear, Ed’s Public Safety, Gerber Outerwear, Gunbusters USA,  Hero’s Pride, JCM Uniforms,  KDH Defense Systems, LWRIC, Pledger Company LLC, SecurityPro USA, Triple K Manufacturing, Turnout Fire & Safety, Vertx and Weinbrenner Shoe Co.

NAPED was incorporated in 1986 for the purpose of providing law enforcement distributors and manufacturers of law enforcement and public safety products a network to share resources within its membership. Through the NAPED association, companies and distributors share information, offer exclusive sales opportunities and market trends and technologies, communicate through newsletters and industry related email communications, create a collective buying power source and host two annual events that provide a face-to-face setting for business interaction. NAPED also employs a lobbying group in Washington D.C. that monitors relevant legislation and keeps NAPED members informed of the latest  developments that affect manufacturing and distribution within the law enforcement market.