Parabon® NanoLabs to Present During Green Mountain DNA Conference

The Green Mountain DNA Conference will be held in Burlington, Vermont, July 31 – Aug. 2, 2019.

Reston, Va. (July 2019) – Parabon® NanoLabs’ Mark Wilson, PhD, Director of Forensic Sciences, will be presenting at the Green Mountain DNA Conference, to be held in Burlington, Vermont, on 31 July 2019 at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. His presentation will be on “Genome-Wide SNP Genotyping to Support Investigations.”

Since May 2018 Parabon has provided information to law enforcement agencies that have led to the resolution of over 60 of the most violent cases imaginable. Parabon’s Snapshot services include:

Snapshot Genetic Genealogy: This service is the combination of genetic analysis with traditional historical and genealogical research to study family history. For forensic investigators, it can be used to identify remains by tying the DNA to a family with a missing person or to point to the likely identity of a perpetrator.

Snapshot DNA Phenotyping: This service produces predictions of ancestry and appearance from a DNA sample and includes a composite image.  It is ideal for cases where there are no genetic genealogy matches. With an in-depth Snapshot Composite Report investigators can focus their investigation and operate more efficiently.

Snapshot Kinship Inference: Unlike traditional forensic DNA methods, which are extremely limited in their ability to determine kinship past parent/child relationships, Snapshot can detect relatedness out to 9th-degree relatives (fourth cousins). If there is any suspicion whatsoever as to whether a family member may be involved in a crime against a victim, this single inexpensive test can be used to include or exclude the victim’s entire biological family, potentially saving months of investigative legwork.

About the Green Mountain DNA Conference:

The Green Mountain DNA Conference provides a forum for the promotion of education and research while improving and encouraging collaboration in the field of forensic sciences. For more information about the Green Mountain DNA Conference, download its Mission Statement.

About Parabon® NanoLabs, Inc.:

Parabon® NanoLabs is a vertically integrated DNA technology company that develops next-generation forensic and therapeutic products, which leverage the enormous power of DNA. Staffed by a uniquely qualified team of scientists and technologists, with expertise ranging from bioinformatics and chemistry to computer science and pharmacology, the Company is bringing to market revolutionary new products and services made possible by recent advances in DNA sequencing, processing, and manufacturing technologies.