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Plinking for Pleasure Builds Visual Muscle Memory

For many youngsters learning to shoot, the first time out often included a motley line up of empty cans and bottles from last night’s dinner or Dad’s weekend bender with the boys. Nothing beats hitting a can and signals success more than when that old tin jumps and rolls off the table. Now you can relive those good old days with the LaserLyte® Laser Plinking Can Set. These mini soda-style cans react when hit with a laser by jumping up and falling over just like the old Bud can did. The plinking cans use a 9v battery (included) to power them and a spring loaded plunger released by a solenoid. Reset the cans by simply setting them back up and depressing the plunger (yep, that’s the youngest kid’s job). The plinking can set is sold in a three-pack and one battery will tip the cans over about 8,000 times! Any of the LaserLyte® training cartridges or other laser trainer tools will work with this ingenious laser training device. And for those of you with a work cubicle tucked away in the back, the plinking cans help pass the time between 9 and 5!

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