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Precision Rifle Expo’s 1st Annual Event Draws Capacity Crowds

By September 27, 2018No Comments

The two-day, precision rifle event, held Sept. 15 – 16, 2018, brought novices and professionals together for the first time to share their passion for long range shooting.

Blakely, Ga. (September 2018) – The 1st Annual Precision Rifle Expo (PRE), held Sept. 15 – 16, 2018 at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia, recorded an attendance of over 600 new and seasoned long range shooters. Over forty exhibitors showed products unique to this fast-growing shooting sport under the air-conditioned tents.

“The weather was beautiful, the exhibitors were set up in the retail tents, and the shooting areas were absolutely top-notch,” Phil Cashin, President of MasterPiece Arms and an exhibitor, commented. “Never before has there been a gathering of the top professionals in the field of long-range precision shooting and you can see and feel the excitement here as shooters are meeting their idols and getting the chance to learn a thing or two from these guys. We are also seeing a lot of people and their families that have been curious about the sport and you can see them on the shooting lanes, their expressions of joy when they hit a target from 500 yards to over 1 mile out.”

Exhibitors at the PRE not only provided attendees with products for sale, but also offered their knowledge and passion for the sport and the opportunity for many to put their products to the test on the shooting ranges. Exhibitors included rifle and chassis manufacturers, optics, gear and accessories, ammunition, reloading and barrel manufacturers.

The Arena Training Facility, a 2,300-acre multipurpose training complex for government, law enforcement, military and civilians, provided a perfect backdrop for the first-of-a-kind shooting event. Being one of the largest training facilities in the southeast, they were capable of accommodating several exhibition areas, training classes in classroom settings and on ranges, and a variety of shooting locations, as well as on-site lodging for exhibitors. An exceptional series of classes, seminars and instructional events were offered featuring some of the top talent on the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competition trail, law enforcement and military legendary snipers, firearms trainers and less-lethal training.

PRE Testimonials include:

“It was a wonderful experience and the bonus to have classes [offered] by world class expert people that are in the cutting edge of Precision Rifle shooting.”

“I thought it was a great event. I saw many excited people who got to experience their first impacts at 1,000+ yards, and some at or past a mile. I think a good time was had by all.”

“I loved the opportunity to put [my] hands on so many quality products and compare them. Never have been able to do that in one place before.”

“I drove over 2,300 miles in three days. Will never wash the smile off my face after the first round hit at one mile.”

“Simply awesome event! Best of all, I got to try the world’s finest scopes and then was able to buy my favorite one at a huge discount!”

“As a new shooter to the sport, it was just what we new shooters need! Thank you.”

“The venues were world class.”

The Precision Rifle Expo for 2019 is currently under planning and interested exhibitors should contact Ryan Castle at 912-344-1607, Phil Cashin at 770-401-3572, Brandon Zielinksi at 920-664-3098 or Mark Kuczka at 770-364-7607 for more information or to reserve your exhibit space. Stay up to date with the 2019 PRE at https://precisionrifleexpo.com/ or Facebook.

About the Precision Rifle Expo:

The Precision Rifle Expo (PRE) is a collection of the top manufacturers and talent in the sport of long range, precision shooting. Hosted at the premier long-distance facility in the Southeastern US, the Arena Training Facility, this event provides a unique opportunity for attendees to see, touch and purchase the top equipment used by the best shooters in the country, attend seminars by leading experts and try out the equipment at one of the many on-site, long distance ranges.