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Revision To Supply State-Of-The Art, Cobra Plus Head Protection System For UK Troops

By September 14, 2015No Comments
Revision Batlskin Cobra Plus Helmet


Revision Batlskin Cobra Plus Helmet

Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, has won the head sub-systems portion of the contract awarded to Source Vagabond Systems Ltd., to provide UK Troops with new kit as part of the Virtus program.  The Revision custom-designed head protection solution, known as the Batlskin Cobra Plus, offers an ultra-lightweight helmet that exceeds the UK’s stringent ballistic and impact requirements and can be coupled with the patented Modular Protective Attachment System (MPAS) for full face protection.  In addition, the Revision Sawfly Spectacle and WolfSpider Goggle Systems will be provided for use when full-face coverage is not required.

The first deliveries of Cobra Plus head protection systems are planned for quick shipment with 9,000 full systems scheduled for Autumn, 2015 enabling fielding to first-recipient troops in early 2016.

The Cobra Plus helmet, fitted with the Modular Suspension System – a fully adjustable liner and retention system designed to maximize comfort and stability during long periods of wear – also carries an integrated front mount and mini rail system to attach NVG’s and accessories such as flashlights or cameras.

The MPAS consists of a ballistic Mandible Guard for lower face and jaw protection as well as an optically correct Visor that can be completely closed and sealed for full protection, vented for additional air flow, or put into an upright locked position when not required.  This flexible facial protection solution is equally suitable in riot control scenarios as it is fulfilling different mission requirements on the battlefield.

“Revision is extremely pleased to have been selected to supply this proprietary head protection system for UK soldiers” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Military.  “This fully integrated and fully modular protective system is a result of  our intense R & D efforts and highest quality manufacturing.  We are confident it offers the best in comfort, protection, durability and flexibility for the mission at hand whether on the battlefield or during peace-keeping assignments.”  Jonathan continued, “Revision strongly believes in constant innovation and product improvement.  It is our intention to offer incremental innovation over the service life of the Cobra Plus Head System to ensure the very newest technology is made available to British soldiers.”

As a part of the vertically integrated manufacturing process Revision will utilize its expertise in molding, cutting, finishing as well as production quality testing at its in-house ballistic range and laboratory during production of this protective equipment.

Revision has recently supplied approximately 8,000 similar helmets and face protection systems to Denmark; those have been put through the rigors of the Afghanistan theatre and have been extremely well received by the Danish Forces.  Revision supplies Advanced Combat Helmets to the U.S. military and has manufactured over 1.3 million life-saving helmets in its Newport, Vermont facility, primarily for U.S. troops.  In addition, Revision is the solitary supplier of Canadian CG634 and CVC helmets.  Numerous Special Forces operators and SWAT teams globally continue to trial and select Revision’s lightweight, modular and fully integrated solutions as their preferred head protection equipment.