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The Social Media Reload: November 13, 2015

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Social Media Reload

Social Media Reload

Gone are the days of newspapers, magazines and network television. Social media is today’s top source for news, entertainment and information. But with the quick pace of trending topics and 140-character updates, unless you live online, you’re bound to miss something. Luckily for you, that’s my job. The Social Media Reload features the most popular, interesting, entertaining and controversial content in the firearms and outdoors industry from the past week and repackages it into a quick list with a bang. Read on and see what you missed this week.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgbfyaMXm0s] DEER HUNTERS’ ANTHEM
Nearly two years to the day since Dave and Ted of Deuces Wild Dueling Pianos recorded their deer hunter parody of Macklemore’s 2013 hit “Thrift Shop” in a truck, the guys released an outrageous music video for the track on YouTube. The parody, though admittedly not as catchy or funny as the original, jokingly pokes fun at everything from orange camouflage to sitting in the tree stand all day that every deer hunter can relate to. Sing it with us now: “I’m gonna fill some tags, I got 20 rounds in my pocket. I’m deer hunting, sitting since sun-up, this is freaking awesome!” (via OutdoorHub)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkOvLkc4kK8] FULL AUTO GLOCK GEL TEST
What happens when you combine three incredible things like a full auto pistol, ballistic gelatin and slow motion? The answer is something like this video from GY6vids, who take aim at ballistic gel dummy “Casualty Carl” with a full automatic Glock 17c and G2 Research 9mm “Civic Duty” rounds. The footage and results are pretty impressive, watching each bullet enter the gel and create implosions as the “Radically Invasive Projectile,” comprised of eight sharp trocars, expand and separate on impact. You can see the non-fragmented flowery mushroom remains of the bullet pulled cleanly from Carl at the end. (via OutdoorHub)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70p3fvb7Edo] DO SUPPRESSORS AFFECT VELOCITY?
Suppressor sales are on the rise, but with new technology and popularity come questions. One of the most commonly asked questions about firearm suppressors is: do they affect bullet velocity? Dustin Ellermann, winner of season 3 of Top Shot on the History Channel, is just the latest to seek out the answer. Shooting both rifles and pistols, Ellermann works his way through different calibers including .22LR, 9mm, .300 Blackout .233 and more. So what’s the verdict? Watch and find out (or just let us Google it for you).

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