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Spartan Armor Systems® Introduces the Hercules Lite RF2 Level III+/RF2 Armor Plate

Spartan Armor Systems®’ new Hercules Lite Level III+/RF2 ceramic and UHMWPE armor plate offers balanced protection and performance in a standalone plate.

Tucson, Ariz. (January 2023) – Spartan Armor Systems®, manufacturers of American-designed and made body armor, tactical gear, and targets, is pleased to introduce its new Hercules Lite RF2 Level III+/RF2 rated armor plate, made at the Spartan Armor Systems facility in Arizona. Offering balanced protection and performance in a standalone plate, the Hercules Lite is engineered to stop M80 BALL and advanced threats such as M855.

The Hercules Lite is the perfect intermediate plate offering protection against non-armor piercing threats in a lightweight platform. At just 4 lbs per plate, the Hercules Lite allows the operator to maintain agility and ease of movement. Despite the lightweight configuration, the Hercules Lite still meets the NIJ standards for backface deformation which is designed to limit the effects of blunt force trauma.

In addition to its true multi-curve design, the Hercules Lite provides full edge-to-edge coverage in a SAPI medium 9.5×12.5 in. design, with a 1 in. thickness profile. Made from ceramic and UHMWPE materials, Hercules Lite body armor’s exterior is covered with 1000 Denier Cordura® material and features the Hercules embroidered logo. To be notified when the Hercules Lite goes live, use the sign-up form on this page.

Hercules Lite Threat Profile:

Round Velocity (FPS)
M855 3,020
XM193 3,150
7.62×39 2,380

.308/M80 BALL


Spartan Armor Systems offers the lowest lead time at only two to five business days to ship an order. Free shipping on orders of $199 or more.

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About Spartan Armor Systems®:

Spartan Armor Systems’ mission is to provide first responders and civilians with the affordable, reliable body armor protection they deserve. Spartan Armor Systems is one of the premier body armor and tactical gear suppliers in the United States, with high-quality armor plates, body armor, reactive targets, and more. Spartan Armor Systems specializes in NIJ-compliant body armor and manufactures ceramic & steel level III, level III+, and level IV threat protection. Their state-of-the-art facility in Tucson, AZ allows Spartan Armor to manufacture high volumes of body armor, resulting in some of the lowest lead times in the industry.