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Stōn Camo™, the Original Multi-Terrain Camo for Concealment Everywhere™

By January 19, 2015No Comments


Stōn Camo™, the original multi-terrain application solution for the ultimate in concealment, is now available for a variety of outdoor products from firearms, firearm accessories, blinds, fishing gear and boats, outdoor apparel to ATV’s.

Unlike available camo options that allow the outdoorsman only one option in terrain, season and habitat, Stōn Camo is designed to provide maximum concealment throughout the seasons, in a variety of habitats, geography and terrain. Concealment is maintained whether at close range or at a distance due to the larger overall print tiling that eliminates repeating patterns, thus allowing for a more natural, congruous appearance.

Ston Sage Swatch with LogoThe unique design of Stōn Camo is built on a natural layering of elements such as color and surface qualities found in boulders, rocks and the surrounding ground cover. The pattern provides not only variable depth but realistic, naturally occurring elements found in environments from high desert to lush marsh areas. Customization of the Stōn Camo application is as easy as changing the base color. Base colors range from earth and stone tones to cobalt blues and “KinkyPink.”Ston Kinky Pink Swatch with Logo

Available for licensing, Stōn Camo will set any outdoor product apart from the rest and offer the avid outdoorsman true Concealment Everywhere™.

For more information on Stōn Camo, visit To license Stōn Camo applications for your products contact their licensing department. Follow the Stōn Camo conversation on Facebook.