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Stronger than Steel, Tougher than Ceramic: Introducing Adept Armor Titanium Armor Plate

A revolution in body armor combining multi-hit capability and superior performance to weight ratio, never before found in steel or ceramic plates.

Tulsa, Okla. (July 2021) –Adept Armor, an armor system engineering firm, proudly introduce the ground-breaking, patent-pending Mantis Titanium Armor Plate.

Titanium, a high-strength, low-density, silver-colored metal, is revered in the aerospace, defense, and ship-building industries for its incredible strength, lightweight, and anti-corrosion capabilities, but as body armor, titanium, for all its attributes, had one problem, poor thermal properties. Adept Armor took on the challenge to find a way to bring titanium’s better qualities into the world of body armor. The result after years of research and testing is the Adept Armor Mantis Titanium Plate, a game-changer in body armor.

The age-old debate of which material makes a better armor plate, steel construction or ceramic-composite, has been dependent upon which benefits the wearer preferred, lightweight vs. multi-hit capability. Now, the era of compromise is over.

Adept Armor, utilizing their metal science engineers and technologies, were capable of crafting a forged, multi-curved titanium alloy plate and securely bonding it to a high-performance polyethylene backer, thus combining the strength and multi-hit capability known in steel body armor with the lighter weight and performance characteristics of ceramic-composite body armor.

The Mantis Titanium Armor Plate offers full RF2 protection stopping M193, M855, M80 Ball, 7.62x39mm MSC, and other rounds – at, or well beyond, full velocity! (Including special threats such as the .22-250 at over 4250 feet per second.) Built to military SAPI specifications, the Mantis Titanium Armor Plate’s high-strength monolithic titanium strike-face yields upon ballistic impact minimalizing front-face spall. Rounds are stopped inside the plate, rather than on its surface. A trauma pad is integral, featuring a comfortable and durable thermoplastic foam on the body-worn side. At just 5.5 pounds, the Titanium Armor Plate is not concealed behind nylon or finish coated, but reveals the true nature of the beauty of titanium in all its silvery glory, just as body armor should.

Interested in armor materials, systems, test methods and current threats? Check out Adept Armor’s incredible knowledgebase of information and glossary.  Learn more about Adept Armor on their new website or follow them on Facebook.

About Adept Armor:

Adept is a materials engineering and industrial design firm that focuses on the development of body armor and infantry equipment, and is pioneering the use of titanium alloys, enhanced-matrix UHMWPE materials, and titanium diboride modified ceramics in modern armor plates.

These exotic materials are not used in ways that blithely follow convention. For, in addition to Adept’s expertise in materials engineering, we place extreme importance on product design. In this, we hew to a Parametricist philosophy, which often results in designs which are as novel and unexpected as they are effective.