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Tasmanian Tiger® Unveils Two New Self-Stow, Space-Saving Bags

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Tasmanian Tiger® introduces the TT Squeezy Backpack and TT Squeezy Duffle; the ideal bags for temporary packing or hauling when a whole load out is not required.

Knoxville, Tenn. (February 2023) – Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., is pleased to introduce two new products: the TT Squeezy Backpack and the TT Squeezy Duffle. The TT Squeezy Bag, a small, foldable reversible bag with an 18-liter capacity, is available now through TT Authorized Dealers, while the TT Squeezy Duffle, a versatile lightweight, and packable duffle, will be available in July 2023.

The TT Squeezy Backpack is a variable lightweight backpack with lightweight AirMesh shoulder straps, a key holder, a front pocket, and an inside zip-up pocket measuring 5.9 x 5.5 x 1.5 in. (15 x 14 x 14 cm). It can be folded into the inside zip pocket, making it perfect as a space-saver for trips in your luggage. Open the TT Squeezy Backpack out of the inside pocket and it is ready to go.

The TT Squeezy Backpack weighs 7.41 oz. and measures 17.3” H x 10.6” W x 5.5” D (44 x 27 x 14 cm). It is made from T-Square Light and is available in Olive, Black, and Titan Grey for an MSRP of $54.95.

The TT Squeezy Duffle has 50 liters of volume and is perfect for temporary packing or hauling when a whole load is not required. It can be self-stowed in its own sewn-in inner pocket and has two handles, a zip compartment on the front, an adjustable carrying strap, and hook and loop closure patch on the frontside (loop).

The TT Squeezy Duffle measures 6” H x 6” W x 2” D (15 x 15 x 5 cm). It is made from T-Square Light and is available in Olive, Black, and Titan Grey for an MSRP of $54.95.

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