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The ThermoSight T50 320×240 Thermal Weapon Sight from ATN

By September 15, 2011No Comments

American Technologies Network’s ThermoSight T50 is a mission flexible thermal sight that can be utilized as a weapon sight or a hand-held rugged imager for scouting, surveillance or covert operations.

The ThermoSight T50 is compatible with standard day optics such as the Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) Model TA31, 4×32 that maintains the boresight even through extensive rounds of firing, field of view and keeps the reticle calibrated. The longwave thermal imaging sensor provides crisp imagery through fog, smoke, dust to total darkness. The operator friendly sight is lightweight and portable and operates with single button controls for basic image adjustment. A rubber shroud ensures complete obscurity for covert operations by eliminating illumination of the operator from the viewfinder.

The ThermoSight T50 runs on 3 CR123 batteries for 9 hours continuously. ATN’s new ThermoSight T50 320×240 Weapon Sight is another exceptional tool aiding our law enforcement officers and military personnel in turning the night into the day.

ATN ThermoSight T50 320×240 Thermal Weapon Sight:


  • Sensor type 320 x 240 VOx microbolometer
  • Field of view 9.33° (h) x 7° (v)
  • Spectral band 7.5-13.5 μm
  • Automatic features Contrast, brightness, STACETM (digital image enhancement)


  • Silent operation Inaudible beyond 1 m
  • Boresight adjustment Holds boresight through extensive rounds of firing


  • Video Built in Display VGA monochrome and RS-170 output


  • Power requirements 3 CR123 batteries
  • Battery life approximately 9 hours continuous use


  • IP rating – IP 68
  • Operating temp  -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +131°F)
  • Storage temp -50°C to +85°C (-58°F to +149°F)


  • Dimensions (lens covers off)  5.3” L x 3.5” W x 4.0” H
  • Weight 24 oz with batteries, lens covers and rail mount
  • Mounting Picatinny Rail mount


  • Command and Control  Auto/manual gain/level, polarity, manual NUC, 2x, 4x digital zoom


  • Laser Pointer  30 mW @ 850 nm and safety mode of 0.5 mW
  • Batteries 3 each, CR123, fit into plastic sleeve for quick removal and replacement
  • MSRP     $9,956.00