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American Gunsmithing Institute’s first Deal of the Week!

For the next few weeks American Gunsmithing Institute will be offering a new and exciting Deal of the Week. Each week they will feature a bestselling AGI product with special bonuses, all at a great price!

View the Certified Cowboy Action Deal of the Week clip below!



The first Deal of the Week is all about Cowboy Action Shooting, America’s fastest growing shooting sport! There are some really great guns involved in this sport and the videos contained in AGI’s Deal of the Week will show you how to fix them and smooth and tune them to perfection!

AGI’s Certified Cowboy Action Armorer’s Course will give you the knowledge and confidence to take on any project that will get these classic guns running to be the best that they can be! Upon the completion of this in depth course, you will become a Certified Cowboy Action Armorer! This course covers all of the commonly used guns used in Cowboy Action shooting, as well as all of the various clones of the originals. The firearms that are covered in this comprehensive course are: Colt and Ruger single action revolvers, lever guns such as the Winchester 92, 94, 1866, 1873, 1876, 1886, the marlin 94 and 95, the classic Winchester 97 pump shotgun, and all of their clones and copies!

This course will show you how to tune the Single Action Revolver for speed shooting and it also contains two bonus DVDs. You will learn how to safely do trigger jobs and is applicable to all Cowboy Lever guns. Other lessons cover gated and non-gated conversions of Colt and Remington percussion revolvers to cartridge (with and without a mill). Another lesson covers how to do an extensive smooth and tune on the Marlin 94!

After passing the test for this course, you will receive an intricate Certified Cowboy Action Armorer patch so that you can proudly display to the public that you possess the knowledge of a true professional! This course is priced at a mere $597, however because this is a Deal of the Week, you will receive free shipping as well as some really great bonuses!

The first of the four bonuses that are contained in this exciting package is The Official History of Smith & Wesson DVD. Gene Kelly spends hours with Famed S&W Historian, Roy Jinks, giving you an insider’s guide to the history of S&W! Mr. Jinks has an almost unbelievable fountain of knowledge when it comes to having the names, dates, models, product information, as well as some really interesting stories and facts, about Smith & Wesson and their key employees!

During this three and a half hour video, Roy shows and shares with us his extensive collection of rare S&W pistols, photos and documents. Roy also takes us on a private guided tour of the S&W Factory Museum, where you will get a chance to see Daniel Wesson’s original office!

This offer ends Sunday, 11/11/12 at 11:59AM. Click here to shop the Deal of the Week Certified Cowboy Action Course offer.

The second bonus is the Percussion Revolver to Cartridge Conversion for Colt and Remington DVD in which instructor Jack Landis shows us how to perform these tasks with ease!

The DVD featuring Two Time World Champion Lefty Longridge is AGI’s third bonus! The “How-To” Cowboy Action Shooting Course has Lefty (AKA Sergeant Joe Alesia, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy, Tactical Instructor and Training Supervisor) taking us through a basic training course in Cowboy Action Shooting. This SASS and Cowboy 3-Gun World Champion takes the time to go into serious detail about the history, clothes, equipment and match action in cowboy action shooting. You will learn the proper stance, sighting, grip, trigger control and target engagement. The tips and techniques that are shown to you will be an invaluable asset to you when you participate in the fastest shooting game in the World – Cowboy Action Shooting!

AGI’s fourth bonus is Jack Landis’ “Cowboy” Lever Action Rifle Smooth and Tune DVD! Jack shows us step-by-step how to perform these tasks to your lever action rifle or your customers rifles with ease. If that wasn’t enough, we’re going to throw in our Best of GunTech DVD as a final bonus for this week’s deal! All of this can be yours for just $597, plus you will receive free shipping! Just give AGI a call toll free at 1-800-797-0867 to become a Certified Cowboy Action Armorer!

This offer ends Sunday, 11/11/12 at 11:59AM. Shop the Deal of the Week here or call 1-800-797-0867 today!

*Promotion may not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Promotion subject to change, while supplies last. Offer not valid on previous sales. Offer expires 11/11/12.