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American Technologies Network ThOR 3 Thermal Weapon Sight

American Technologies Network, makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, developed an advanced family of thermal sights for light, medium and heavy weapon applications; the ThOR series of thermal imaging scopes. The ThOR 3 optics are based upon a proven 320 x 240 microbolometer core, which is coupled with a high resolution OLED Color Microdisplay Assembly  or B&W OLED Microdisplay Assembly that provides exceptional resolution and clarity.

To achieve superior accuracy and precision the ThOR scopes utilize a rear projected optical precision windage and elevation system that allows for ¾” MOA (2X) and ½” MOA (3x) reticle adjustments. This is a significant improvement over systems that use digital windage and elevation. The ThORs are the only thermal weapon sights with ATN’s new proprietary feature – Two Color Manual Brightness control of the aiming reticle. This feature allows for a choice of color (red or amber) of the projected reticle depending on the operator’s preference and tactical situation. The ThOR has a 3x optical magnifications, an increased resolution benefit over traditional digital zoom models.

The ThOR 3 scope is feature rich and an ideal tool for force protection, border patrol officers, police SWAT and special operations forces.  Features include; precision internal windage and elevation adjustment, a digital operating control with direct button access, a manual image refresh switch, digital zoom for surveillance purposes, rapid 3-second start-up, 6-hour operation with 4-lithium batteries, MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny Rail) Quick-Release Mount; all housed in a rugged, full-metal, durable housing.

An important benefit of the ThOR 3 scopes for surveillance operators is that the uncooled thermal imaging cuts through dust, smoke, fog, haze and other combat obscurants. The ThOR 3 does not emit any visible light or RF energy, keeping the operator’s location in total secrecy and safety.

The ThOR 3 B&W is available with an MSRP of $13,199.00 and the color unit for $13,699.00

The ThOR 3 Thermal Imaging scope can be purchased directly at or any of their retailing partners.


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  • Aaron Spuler says:

    Wow, I’d absolutely LOVE to test one of those out. The color version would make me feel like I’m in the movie ‘Predator’. But the price tag scares me a bit.