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Coming Soon: Black Man with A Gun Podcast Featuring Barbara Baird of

There is a new feature coming to The Urban Shooter Podcast soon to be known as the Black Man with A Gun Podcast.  It features Barbara Baird of

Since we met at a Blackhawk Bloggers event, Barbara Baird and I have become good friends. She is a sharp person that increases my intelligent quotient. She also shoots, hunts and fishes more than I, which I find amazing. It’s amazing because she shares her adventures with all in her blog on Women’s Outdoor with some related highlights for the listeners of the Black Man With A Gun Podcast.

Barbara is about to start a new feature on the show called “Dear Barbara” that I hope you take advantage of. She plans to take your questions and answer them on the show. She is an accomplished instructor, hunter, outdoors person to add to her bona fides so if you have a shooting sports or related question that you want from a woman’s’ point of view, please email her at or call and leave a message at 888-675-0202 and I will pass it on.