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Final Day at Shooting Industry Masters

By July 27, 2009No Comments

The final day for Team LB Marketing was a long one! The weather was beautiful, the Hartford Gun Club staff was fabulous, and we started the day with rifle. We started on Stage 2 .223 Steel Flash in which we each shot 2 strings of ten rounds at 5 steel reactive targets with varying sizes at 200 yards on a bench rest. This was my best stage with a perfect score. Sniper school watch out – here I come! Then, we were off to Rockin’ Rimfires with .22 Rimfire rifles supplied by Ruger and Smith & Wesson. I shot the S&W and it was SWEET! The guys did great at this stage. Then it was off to the shotgun course in which we had 10 stations of 10 shots each. This was my worst station and the misery lasted the longest, of course! But, everyone improved as the day progressed and once we had a little instruction, we actually broke some birds.

Hot and tired, we were one of the last teams back to the hotel for a cold beer and shower. That night the team awards were presented. BLACKHAWK! took 3rd place overall and Chuck Buis of BLACKHAWK! happily accepted the award. Todd Jarrett, BLACKHAWK!’s pro shooter took 2nd place for individual!

Team LB Marketing wants to thank Roy and Suzi Huntington of FMG Publications (pictured with Chuck Buis on the left and Todd Jarrett on the far right) for inviting us and putting on such a splendid gig. Thank you to all the sponsors too. This event benefits the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Step Outside program.