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Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Facility, E.P.O.N.A., Receives Life Changing Renovations

The volunteers of E.P.O.N.A., a local 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses, knew something big was happening that day. Informed weeks early of a big announcement, at least 30 volunteers came to the barn on the morning of October 13th, despite it being unseasonably cold and rainy. What they got that day they never could have imagined.
As the volunteers stood huddled under umbrellas and rain coats in front of the barn, the sound of sirens, cheering and clapping coming up the road became deafening. Suddenly, a fleet of Home Depot trucks and flat beds came down E.P.O.N.A.’s driveway, led by police escort, filled with wheelbarrows, sand, tools of all kinds and approximately 90 volunteers from Home Depot, Celtic Design Build, LLC, Davis Landscaping Construction and Scott Stone Construction. Project Pawsitive, a new reality-based television show geared at providing eco-friendly renovations to deserving animal rescues in need, had chosen E.P.O.N.A. to be the worthy first beneficiary of their efforts.
E.P.O.N.A. was chosen to receive $30,000 worth of renovations to repair their leaking roof and aging paddocks, to level out the stall floors, to expand the grain room, and to run power and water down to all paddocks to prevent the water troughs from freezing over in the cold New England winter months.
While the generous donations made by Project Pawsitive and The Home Depot Foundation will go along way in helping E.P.O.N.A. to achieve their goals of rescue and rehabilitation for abused and neglected horses, it is the continuous support of the community that will help E.P.O.N.A. further their goal in the years to come. Click here to find a wish list of the most needed items by the barn. To find out how to volunteer at E.P.O.N.A., please visit our online volunteer page for more information.
Click here to watch the trailer for Project Pawsitive and E.P.O.NA.
Click here to find out more information on E.P.O.N.A., or how to make a donation.
For hi-res images of E.P.O.N.A., visit E.P.O.N.A. on Flikr.
To find out more about the renovations that are taking place at E.P.O.N.A., please click here to read the press release.