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US POD BOX – The GEDUNK Mobile Rehab Station

US POD BOX, the Original US provider of mobile units to transport supplies and capabilities for multiple professional applications, proudly announces more options to the very successful PODBOX line. The American Made “PODBOX” ™ originated in the Preparedness world as a solution to the needs of Responders for local, regional, state and international deployment requirements. The PODBOX offers many customized solutions for Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders. The GEDUNK is the ultimate REHAB Cart for long operations, shelters or EOC’s. Like the PODBOX line, the GEDUNK allows for rugged mobility for any response application.

US POD BOX products are made from 100% US quality construction and are built durable to withstand years in even the most demanding environments. The highly customizable PODBOX features a unique removable front panel that becomes a table with tilt bins in the hinged lid with plenty of hand holds/pulls and places for tie-downs. Customized options include: aluminum laminate; Poly Urea (Truck bed spray) coatings; and mounted power-strips.

The PODBOXES exceed ATA 300 Transit case shipping requirements and are tested to meet Military Standard 810 C/D transit case specifications. The patented aluminum valance mates the lid to the body for a secure seal during shipping. The patented double-angle aluminum construction is the most durable design in the industry providing a 2,000 lb. case load capacity. US POD BOXES is the proven case design for over 50 years and now made lighter and tougher with aluminum built options. For more information on how US POD BOXES can customize your POD BOX to your mission, contact or to see their ready-made carts, kits, PODS and trunks visit Call 828-446-6427 to speak with a sales representative.