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A PR Company for the Outdoor Market is Born

By May 3, 2006One Comment

Welcome to the Laura Burgess, LLC – Public Relations Blog. This blog will not be another how-to PR blog. I figure that there is enough information already available for anyone trying to figure out how to get the media’s attention. This blog is dedicated to my customers – both clients and media. This blog will serve as a platform by which I can tell you about the products and services from these great companies. Perhaps, one of these blogs will provide you with a new angle to write from. But what are these products?

I represent some of the finest companies in the law enforcement, military, hunting, shooting sports and outdoor markets. How did a girl like me get mixed up in a predominately male industry? It started in 1991, after a failed attempt to get a children’s clothing business off the ground. I needed a job and went to my local job agency. They had a company that needed me immediately. So, the very next day, I set out to find a company called SIGARMS in Exeter, New Hampshire. As I was walking in the parking lot, I met a gentlemen who worked there, and upon entering the building, asked what SIGARMS made.

“Guns,” he said motioning towards the walls lined with posters of guns images.

“Oh, well, that’s very nice,” I thought. “I’ll be looking elsewhere as soon as possible!”

Funny, how things have a way of working out. I stayed for thirteen years, working my way from a warehouse worker to Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications. And, why did I stay? Because I found the people in the LE/hunting/shooting/fishing/outdoor industries to be honest, helpful, and caring.

But after many years of service, they let me go. Yes, I can proudly say I was set free with a group of distinguised employees, many who were in upper management, as these kinds of house cleanings are still rather popular with new management.

So, no more than a day had passed and I was receiving phone calls from a number of CEO’s of the larger gun manufacturers. Jobs were offered and denied. Finally, one of them suggested I start my own company utilizing my PR skills and awesome media list I had acquired. Within 15 days of being let go, Laura Burgess, LLC was born. Since then, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with some of the industry’s giants as well as many of their start-up companies. I have worked with Smith & Wessson and Remington and many other mid-size to small companies.

My current client list says it all. I am honored to work with companies that are best in class – in design, production, service and community awareness. So, each blog will introduce you to a company and start with a product that you may not know the story behind. Stay tuned and you will see the stories and products behind BlackHawk Products Group, Hardigg Cases, Laser Shot, Inc., Nighthawk Custom, Revision Eyewear, Ltd., STEYR ARMS, INC., and U.S. Cavalry.

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  • John Morrison says:

    Hey, GOOD FOR YOU, Laura! And I’m the FIRST to post a comment here? Sorry it wasn’t someone more distinguished… Best of luck with your BLOG-thing, kid! – John