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American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Announces Special Fall Gunsmithing Enrollment Opportunity

By September 8, 2015No Comments
Gene Kelly, President of American Gunsmithing Institute

Gene Kelly, President of American Gunsmithing Institute

American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), producers of the most authoritative Gunsmithing DVD courses, today announced its special fall gunsmithing enrollment opportunity has begun. Students can get started on the fast track to success as a gunsmith in as little as 90 days, even if they have never completely disassembled and reassembled a firearm before, with this proven and guaranteed Certified Professional Gunsmithing Course from AGI. Enroll before Sept. 28, 2015, with code BTSPR to qualify for limited fall enrollment bonuses, as well as to attend the Fall Fast-Start Gunsmithing Webcast Bonus Classes.

AGI is the only Gunsmithing School that teaches comprehensive gunsmithing step-by-step using DVD instruction, with cutaway guns and extreme close-up views, providing the student with complete understanding of the design, function and repair of firearms. AGI teaches students about hundreds of designs, so that after the student learns the systems, he or she can pick up any firearm, quickly analyze the types of systems that firearm is using, determine what is wrong and rapidly make the correct repair.

At the Master Gunsmithing Course Level, AGI teaches Complete Machining (Lathe & Mill in 23 hours of DVD instruction) and Welding (Gas, MIG, Arc, TIG, Plasma, etc. in 30 hours of DVD instruction). AGI also discusses advanced customizing of pistols, rifles and trigger job work. In addition, AGI provides a complete business success training module that will help the student market his or her business and magnetically attract customers.

Interested individuals should call 1-800-797-0867 to speak with a Student Adviser to choose the course that is right for them:

  • Professional Gunsmithing Course Level 1
  • Professional Gunsmithing Course Level 2
  • Master Gunsmithing Course
  • Enhanced Master Gunsmithing Course with Turn-Key Gunsmithing Tool Package

If enrolled before Sept. 28, 2015, students will receive the following bonuses:

  • Bonus Hands-on Gunsmithing Class (limited to first 50 students).
  • Bonus Customizing Gunsmithing Courses of student’s choice on DVD (call for details).
  • Participate in Monthly Live Gunsmithing Webcast Classes with Master Gunsmiths.
  • Receive a one year free Gun Club of America membership with monthly two hour training DVD, technical support and 24-hour access to over 120 disassembly and reassembly courses online.
  • Complete home and commercial FFL starter kit.
  • A second family member (or close friend) can study and get certified for free using the same material (limited to the first 30 students).

To get the bonuses previously listed, mention code BTSPR when speaking with a Student Adviser.

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