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Are Stun Guns Restricted in Your State? Check out the Interactive Map

By February 24, 2017No Comments
Click to check out the interactive map


By Jess Walter

Click here to check out Outdoors Magazine’s interactive map

You’d think that stun guns would be legal everywhere, but surprisingly there are some states where they’re illegal, heavily restricted and you can be slapped with a steep fine or even jail time if you’re found in possession of one. Yikes!

Take New York for example. The “Empire State” doesn’t allow the ownership of many types of weapons – including knives and stun guns. While the majority of states do allow stun gun ownership some require that individuals carry a permit or jump through some legal hoops.

Are stun guns allowed in your state? If so, are there any restrictions or special considerations? If you don’t know the law in your state, then you open yourself up to prosecution, fines and even jail time.

Check out this interactive map to see what the stun gun laws are in your area.