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ATN Corp. Donates $300K to Support the Gorta Group’s Ukraine Relief Efforts

The Gorta Group with humanitarian and medical products slated for a hospital in Ukraine.

ATN continues to work with international groups, expediting much-needed resources to the citizens of embattled Ukraine. ATN donates $300K to one of the oldest international organizations dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world’s poor and victims of military conflicts.

Doral, Fla. (March 2022)ATN, Corp., an industry leader of innovative optics for civilian, law enforcement, and the military, have donated $300,000 to The Gorta Group, an NGO established in 1965 to serve people and communities in war zones and conflicts, to provide humanitarian and medical relief to Ukraine.

The Gorta Group CEO, Ray Jordan, arrived in neighboring Slovakia on the same day the Russians invaded Ukraine. With his senior staff, the organization procured partnerships with the Ivano Frankvisk Hospital No. 2, the Slovakian Foreign Ministry, two Slovak NGOs, secured a warehouse in Vysne Nemecke, and secured vehicles and drivers to cross the border. By early March, The Gorta Group was providing welfare and medical services for refugees and delivering non-medical items, including much-needed flour for Ukrainian bakeries.

Currently, The Gorta Group has three warehouses and distribution centers (two in Ukraine, one in Slovakia), two hospitals in Ivano Frankvisk, Ukraine receiving medical supplies, and one regional food distribution center, also located in Ivano Frankvisk. The Gorta Group’s dedicated staff has decades of experience in managing large-scale food and non-medical item distribution to marginalized communities and communities ravaged by conflict.

Marc Vayn, founder of ATN Corp, an American citizen born in Kyiv, Ukraine, has been in Bulgaria, assisting with efforts to move desperately needed products to the Ukrainian citizens in their defense against Russian troops. ATN set up a donation platform, of which Vayn donated $100K of his personal funds to the cause. The ATN fund currently has raised $170K for the cause.

Vayn explained, “ATN’s donation of $300,000 will go far to provide food and non-medical supplies to refugees fleeing and remaining within Ukraine. The very act of supplying Ukrainian bakeries with flour to keep producing bread for the citizens is an act of defiance in the face of all those who would seek to destroy a peaceful, democratic country’s government. ATN will continue to stand by our brothers and sisters in their fight for freedom.”

ATN CEO, James Munn, co-founder of the American-based ATN, Corp. and a US Army veteran, commented on this latest company-based donation, “The Gorta Group has been around for a long time and involved in a global-wide mission to end the suffering of people by providing them with medical and food products immediately, and staying long-term to assure these communities can get back up on their feet. Within two weeks, the team at Gorta Group had already procured and secured warehouses, medical and non-medical products, licenses, partners, contracted employees, and more, all aimed at helping the Ukrainian people, whether they are refugees or remaining within their war-torn borders.”

About ATN:

About ATN: American Technology Network is an industry leader, innovative producer of Smart Optics for the 21st-century in addition to night vision and thermal vision products. Founded in 1995, ATN has come to be known for dependable, quality products that enhance their customer’s outdoor experience and connect with the desires of outdoor enthusiasts. Scopes are user-friendly with Smart features, like allowing users to record video footage of their hunting experience. Top-selling models include the X-Sight 4K Pro series, ThOR 4 series, ThOR LT series, and the OTS LT series. To learn more about ATN and see the full details of ATN’s products, visit

About The Gorta Group:

The Gorta Group was formed in 1965 by the Irish Government in response to the UN Food & Agriculture Organization’s call for countries to support long-term agricultural and economic development in the world’s poorest regions. Originally known as Gorta: The Freedom From Hunger Council, it has evolved since then into a group of organizations dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world’s poorest and most marginalized people. Its work is focused on results – delivering for those in greatest need across a range of high-quality interventions, from sustainable economic development to improved nutrition and food systems innovation.