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Buying Firearms for Women this Holiday Season

Early indications are that Black Friday was not only a success for retailers nationwide BUT FIREARMS RETAILERS as well. Whether that is the result of the elections or that firearms are topping the gift list, it’s all good for our industry. But, I’d like to caution those men out there still trying to decide what to get their wives or girlfriends. Sure, a firearm is a good idea, but a couple of things to remember; 1) it’s her gift not yours – don’t determine what you think she needs, and 2) if she is new to shooting, treat this gift like a puppy – make sure you also gift her the time and instruction that should go with it.

P1030752 smNow, speaking of buying firearms for women, I’d like to give Rich Grassi a big-gun hug. In his editorial in the Tactical Wire (“Gender and Weapon Selection, November 29, 2012), he is asked by a female potential firearms owner what caliber gun she should get to protect herself. Rich asks the right questions. She is comfortable with a .22. Nuff said. Buy it.  “Men have no idea what gun she should have. Only she really knows – or can find out.” I salute you, Rich. This is excellent advice, especially if you are considering buying your best girl a firearm. Perhaps gifting her with lessons from a local firing range where she can try different calibers, different actions and different sizes can give both you of a better perspective. Besides, when she determines what her gun is, and you bond over the NCIS, maybe, just maybe you can convince her that you could use a new one too. Rich, thank you.