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Christensen Arms® Introduces the Carbon Fiber Tactical Force Multiplier Rifle

By October 2, 2014No Comments
Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Tactical Force Multiplier Rifle


Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Tactical Force Multiplier Rifle

Christensen Arms®, manufacturers of superior hunting, tactical and sport shooting firearms utilizing the latest in carbon fiber technologies, is pleased to introduce its new Tactical Force Multiplier (TFM) rifle.

“We’re gun guys at heart. It was a logical transition of resources and expertise. Our goal was to use the same carbon fiber manufacturing expertise (from the aerospace industry) to build a cutting edge tactical rifle. Our rifle is lighter and technically more advanced than your traditional tactical rifles. I am very pleased with the final product,” said Jason Christensen, the owner of Christensen Arms.

The TFM features carbon fiber technology and precision machining only found at Christensen Arms. The three main components of the TFM (stock, barrel, and bolt action) are an advanced combination of traditional firearms features and aerospace grade componentry.

The Tier One tactical stock astonishingly weighs only 2.3 lbs. It is manufactured in house from hand laid carbon fiber. Shooters of all sizes will find customized fit and comfort with the embedded tactical adjustment dials for length of pull and comb height. Perfected for the battle field, the Christensen Arms tactical stock is the perfect cross over stock for both the traditional bench-rest shooter and high country hunter.

Christensen Arms developed and manufactured the first carbon rifle barrel in the industry. Nearly 20 years later, it remains the standard for ultra-lightweight, highly-accurate rifle barrels.  The TFM is fitted with an original carbon fiber wrapped, select match grade barrel. Each TFM rifle is backed by ½ MOA accuracy guarantee.

Christensen Arms has now added its own billet machined bolt action to their carbon fiber rifle components.   Each stainless steel receiver is precision machined in-house to tight aerospace tolerances.  The receiver includes an integral Picatinny rail, fluted bolt with tactical knob, adjustable Timney trigger, and drop box magazine.

The TFM is available in .223 REM, .308 WIN, .300 WIN, and .338 LAPUA. Experience the unique combination of traditional firepower and the technological advancements of the aerospace industry.

Tactical Force Multiplier Specifications:

Calibers: .223 Rem .308 Win .300 Win Mag .338 Lapau
Accuracy: ½  MOA ½  MOA ½  MOA ½  MOA
Weight: 8 lbs (may vary based on options) 8 lbs (may vary based on options) 8 lbs (may vary based on options) 8 lbs (may vary based on options)
Barrel: 24” 24” 26” 26”
Contour: Sporter Sporter Sporter Bull
Rifling: 1-12 1-10 1-10 1-10
Pull: Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Trigger: Timney – 2.5 lbs. Timney – 2.5 lbs. Timney – 2.5 lbs. Timney – 2.5 lbs.
Mag Capacity: 3+1 3+1 5+1 5+1


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