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Cimarron Firearms Company Preserving the America’s Western Lifestyle through the Video Series, “BIG GUNS”

By November 30, 2017No Comments

Whether it’s interviews with real cowboys and cowgirls or legends of the West, Jamie and Bryce Wayt of Cimarron Firearms take viewers deep into the American Western culture and lifestyle in their video series “BIG GUNS” on YouTube. 

Fredericksburg, Texas (November 2017) – “BIG GUNS” video series, a Cimarron Firearms production on YouTube, recently released the latest installment interviewing Joe Davis, a former Texas Ranger, who recalls the glory days of one of the most revered and feared law enforcement agencies in the American West.

The “BIG GUNS” video series, brainchild of Jamie and Bryce Wayt, was developed and launched in October of 2014 as a platform to extend the many stories, character profiles and unique histories surrounding the firearms of the Old West. The series featured on Cimarron’s YouTube page, allows those interested in Cowboy Action Shooting, the history of the Old West or any shooting sports enthusiast a personal insider’s view on the Cimarron lifestyle, where the Old West meets the New West.

“The idea for the series came to us when Jamie and I were living in Los Angeles. We were meeting all these amazing people through our association with Cimarron and listening to these great stories and we thought we needed to capture and share them,” Bryce Wayt, media operations manager for Cimarron Firearms explained. “The series promotes the Cimarron Firearms brand, gives us an avenue for showcasing our product and best of all, for sitting down and interviewing some very interesting characters.”

In the most recent “BIG GUNS” interview, Jamie and Bryce sit down with Joe Davis, a retired Texas Ranger with 30-years of law enforcement experience and President of the Former Texas Rangers Foundation. Other “BIG GUNS” interviews include a discussion with Weldon Lister, a master engraver and son of master engraver and country music legend, Big Bill Lister; Charles Hudson, an original employee of both Cimarron Firearms and Texas Jack’s, and interviews from End of Trail and Cimarron’s Young Guns, a program that encourages young shooters to embrace the unique history and culture of the American West while teaching them leadership and values through the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).

“The video series is a window on a truly unique American lifestyle, one that is still emulated today, not only in the US but around the world,” Jamie Wayt, VP of Media added. “The stories of the individuals and the guns and gear of the Old West are still sparking our imagination. Every replica pistol, rifle and shotgun we make has an interesting story behind it and it is our goal to bring the Cimarron lifestyle into everyone’s home.”

“Many of our ‘BIG GUNS’ ideas for episodes just present themselves. Working for Cimarron Firearms has put us in contact with all sorts of interesting people and we also travel to great places and events,” Bryce Wayt continued. “We just take the camera along with us wherever we go and see what we can get. Stay tuned. We have some great things lined up for our future episodes of ‘BIG GUNS.’”

To catch all the episodes of “BIG GUNS,” visit YouTube. Visit Cimarron’s Facebook page for up to date information.  For more information on Cimarron Firearms and accessories, visit

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