Cimarron Firearms Company

Cimarron Firearms was started over 30 years ago by Mike Harvey, a passionate antique American firearms collector and born and bred Texan. In 1979, Harvey opened his first retail store named after Texas Ranger, Big Foot buying and selling antiques and replica firearms heralding America’s frontier. Today, using Harvey’s extensive collection of pistols and rifles, Cimarron produces replicas featuring authentic details, fit, finish and function that brings alive the past.

As a firearms company producing product mainly targeted to the cowboy action market, Cimarron was looking to revamp how they marketed their products and wanted to increase awareness of their products in the mainstream firearms market. Seeking to capitalize on their existing success, they sought a public relations company that could reach new media personnel and expand their brand into the mainstream shooting sports market.

LBM Solution:

The Cimarron Firearms brand is strong with the collector and cowboy action shooter, but their marketing methods had remained static over the years. As the methods of reaching customers have moved beyond print and expanded into digital and social, Cimarron sought to refresh how sport shooters saw the brand. LBM will work with Cimarron to engage the social sport shooter through targeted content marketing, product news and email newsletters. Serious shooters will learn how their relation to the guns of the past provides them with the tools of their sport today through stories, testimonials and other content tools. Owning a unique piece of the past is not just for collectors anymore, its available for everyone through Cimarron Firearms.