Located in the Mid-Atlantic outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise of Easton, Maryland, RETAY USA is the North American strategic arm for Retay Arms of Konya, Turkey. RETAY USA manages the brand’s marketing and sales efforts, importation, logistics, and distribution in North America, as well as warranty service for the RETAY brand of semi-automatic shotguns. RETAY shotguns integrate more innovative design elements for better results in the field, right out of the box.

RETAY USA, as part of its strategic corporate growth in North America, was looking to partner with a public relations firm to develop relationships within the industry media further, resulting in an increase in dealer and customer awareness of the many benefits of the RETAY brand over many of the leading shotgun brands currently on the market.

LBM Solution:

LBM develops extensive media lists to promote the company’s new and existing products and develops press releases, announcements, and additional content to educate consumers on the many benefits the RETAY shotguns provide outdoor enthusiasts. LBM works with the media to place products for editorial and review processes with industry writers, bloggers, and influencers.