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DNA Labs International Expands into a Larger Facility

Deerfield Beach, FL (March 2017)DNA Labs International, a specialist in forensic casework for law enforcement agencies, attorneys and government forensic labs, announces due to growth and expansion that the company has relocated to a much larger laboratory just two doors down from its current facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The new laboratory will allow for DNA Labs International to process more DNA samples and help solve more cases through the use of its cutting-edge forensic technology.

“With our innovative DNA collection techniques and analysis software, we’re able to analyze DNA samples that previously would have yielded inconclusive results, resulting in unsolved cases. We can now solve the previously unsolvable. We are excited to move to a larger facility so that we can use our skills, abilities and technology to help more people,” said Allison Nunes, chief operating officer of DNA Labs International.

Two of DNA Labs International’s newest forensics technologies are the M-VAC® System and STRmix™.

M-VAC® System

M-VAC® System

The M-Vac System is helping solve more crimes by collecting more DNA than was possible before. It was created to improve results from touch DNA samples and has proved to be a very useful tool while screening evidence, especially in cases where very minor amounts of DNA are present over a large surface area.

The M-Vac System is an advanced wet-vacuum sampling device that raises the collection standard, and has the potential to dramatically improve surface sampling capabilities in nearly every scenario. The M-Vac System has been successful in many circumstances, especially when used to sample touch DNA from clothing.

By using the M-Vac System, DNA profiles can be generated that arenot possible to obtain when other screening methods are utilized.

STRmix expert forensic software is a breakthrough in forensic DNA analysis. STRmix allows the use of more of the information within a DNA profile, enabling DNA Labs International to get better and faster results. Profiles can be compared against a person of interest and complex, mixed DNA profiles can be searched against a database. It is especially useful for gun cases and sexual assault casework. With STRmix we can solve cases that were inconclusive because of a complex DNA mixture, low-level DNA and partial DNA profiles. STRmix is especially useful in cases where there are no suspects and there is DNA from multiple people in one sample.

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About DNA Labs International:

Since 2004, DNA Labs International has been providing clients with exceptional quality service based on open communications, equal attention to the importance of every case and accurate and reliable results every time. DNA Labs International is proudly built on 30 years of experience in forensic serology and DNA analysis. They provide the latest technology available to solve cases; such as the M-VAC®, a wet vacuum DNA collection tool and STRmix®, a software program that can solve previously inconclusive DNA results. DNA Labs International is accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the country’s longest established provider of ISO 17025 accreditation to Forensic Sciences testing laboratories in the U.S. www.dnalabsinternational.com