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Hurricane® Announces Expanded Assortment for 2016!


Hurricane® Salt Tackle, an industry‐leading brand in salt-water fishing, announced an expanded product assortment for 2016. The new product line up is anchored by a line of premium accessories, featuring almost 50 SKUs of tough, salt water‐tested tools ranging from pliers to lip grippers, scales to knives. In addition, the brand is launching an expanded assortment of terminal tackle items, all specifically designed for the rigors of salt water fishing, to give the brand the largest variety of terminal tackle solutions it has ever had. The broadened selection, which includes a wide variety of species-specific rigs, will give the brand new ability to be the one‐stop solution for saltwater anglers, regardless of the region they live in or the species they are targeting.

“This is a really big launch for the brand, and it is part of our continuing commitment to make Hurricane a complete solution for salt water anglers and retailers,” said Tim Austen, product manager.  “We’ve anchored the line with over 50 new accessories. These accessories set a new standard for the brand in terms of quality and performance, they are specifically designed to be extra durable and give great performance in salt water conditions, yet we’ve been able to price them so they are a tremendous value for anglers.  That’s what the Hurricane brand has always been about, and we are excited to take that combination of performance and value to a whole new level.”


Austen also commented about the new selection of Hurricane terminal tackle items.  “We also knew that to fulfill our brand vision of being a one-stop solution for salt water anglers, we needed to expand our assortment of species-specific rigs. We were already going all-out with our accessories, so we expanded that effort to include terminal tackle, and the result was a sweeping change.  We are launching over 150 species-specific rigs in 2016. All of them are engineered to meet the harsh conditions of salt water fishing, like all Hurricane products.  Now, every salt water angler, regardless of where they are fishing or what species they want to catch, can find a high-quality, high-value solution from the Hurricane brand.”

Visit Hurricane at ICAST 2015 booth 1843.

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