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Innovative Forensic Investigations (IFI) Partners with The Retired Investigators Guild (The RIG)

Emporia, Va. (April 2023) – Innovative Forensic Investigations (IFI), a world leader in the field of investigative genetic genealogy, and The Retired Investigators Guild (The RIG), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement that will make IFI’s unique services accessible to thousands of American law enforcement agencies, bringing renewed hope for families who have been victimized by violent crime that their cases may finally be solved.

According to IFI CEO Jennifer Moore, the partnership is a major step in the direction of universal access to ground-breaking science and technology that had previously been out of reach for all but the biggest law enforcement agencies.  “As one of IFI’s charities of choice, we are proud to support the RIG’s effort to help small and rural police and sheriff’s departments gain access to game-changing advancements in the field of genetic genealogy.”

“IFI is the global gold standard and we are thrilled to have them on our team,” said RIG CEO Michael Marty.  “The RIG is committed to providing 24X7 major case and cold case support as well as specialized training to law enforcement agencies that have seen their budgets and support slashed in recent years.  With IFI’s assistance, we are also able to offer best-in-class tools to help identify and prosecute criminals and bring closure to victims of violent crimes.”

About Innovative Forensic Investigations:

Innovative Forensic Investigations is an investigative genetic genealogy and private investigation firm providing services to agencies, working collaboratively through the entire lifecycle of the case, from submission to conclusion. Unique in the industry, Innovative Forensic Investigations combines years of expertise in law enforcement, forensics, legal, investigations, family & victim advocacy, and investigative genetic genealogy.  The dynamic skill set of the team can generate new leads and fresh perspectives in your investigations.

About The Retired Investigators Guild:

The RIG provides immediate, 24×7 expert assistance to local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States whenever and wherever they need help with major case investigations. While our emphasis is on cold case homicides, our investigators are available to assist with active major cases as well as to provide mentoring, coaching, and training to newly assigned detectives.

The Retired Investigators Guild is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation comprised of former and retired criminal investigators from local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.  RIG investigators are volunteers recruited based after a careful review of their career accomplishments.  Each individual invited to become a part of the RIG has demonstrated, over a period of many years, that they represent the absolute best of the best in their ability to investigate homicides, cold cases, and related major crimes.  While every RIG investigator has undergone rigorous multiple background clearances, the RIG performs an additional check similar to the process required to secure a U.S. Government Secret Clearance.