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LaserLyte, an American, Family-Built Success Story

LaserLyte® is a brand synonymous with leading-edge firearms laser systems.

Aaron and Larry Moore of LaserLyte

Aaron and Larry Moore of LaserLyte

Founded twenty-seven years ago by Larry Moore, a firearms enthusiast and entrepreneur, LaserLyte has grown significantly in the last several years. Although, Larry is credited for starting the company, building a solid brand and exception products and forming long-term relationships within their sales channel, it wasn’t until the younger Moore entered the picture that the LaserLyte brand took off into unchartered waters.

Aaron Moore is LaserLyte’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the company. Aaron did not grow up thinking that he would necessarily become part of his father’s company. Instead, Aaron’s educational course took him to earn degrees and certificates in Mechanical Engineering, International Business, Japanese and Middle Eastern Studies at five universities in three countries. During his college years, Aaron worked within LaseLyte’s sales department while completing his MBA in International Studies. It was during this time that the elder Moore had the opportunity to watch his progeny take on challenges and succeed. Larry offered his son a place in the company where Aaron’s experience would grow and his talents soar.

Unlike so many of the other firearms laser companies that move between audiences, from law enforcement to personal defense, to beginner shooters to hunters, LaserLyte’s main focus has been as sharp as one of its own lasers: the average firearms owner. With Larry designing innovative laser systems for a wide variety of firearms and Aaron renewing old friendships within the sales channel, as well as developing new relationships with other manufacturers, LaserLyte was about to make laser innovation look like child’s play.

TAU G2 LA-webLaserLyte’s firearms laser systems are developed with the gun manufacturers’ engineers and product managers to create lasers that not only fit flawlessly, but offer the features and price point that exceeds what the competition offers. Gun companies, in turn, offer their customers unique packages consisting of their most popular firearms fitted with a LaserLyte laser system specific to that model and audience. It’s a win-win situation for everyone; LaserLyte wins by producing gun lasers that fit and function seamlessly on a given model and the gun manufacturer wins by offering value-added models with LaserLyte lasers, and the customer wins either way!

PB-3_on_Glock_webBesides his sales and marketing responsibilities, Aaron has spearheaded some of the most talked-about products ever produced by LaserLyte. One of the most unusual was the pistol bayonet. This unique item designed to fit on a pistol’s integral rail was developed in conjunction with KABAR knives and may have elicited a few WTF’s but became a huge success for the company, both in extending the brand and in sales.

With the increase in personal protection and training, LaserLyte took their gun lasers one step further and created a variety of compact, laser responsive target systems for customers to safely practice aim, establish muscle memory LL_TLB-BWCor just plain have fun, anywhere. With the advent of their Trigger Tyme training blue guns that have the heft and trigger pull of a real gun but cannot accept ammunition, training kits quickly flew off the shelves and into thousands of homes. Law Enforcement officers have also embraced the portability and affordability of LaserLyte’s many laser training kits. But as serious as firearms training can be, LaserLyte still likes to add the fun element. Their laser plinking can set was a modern take on the classic pistol firing drill with empty cans. But unlike using real cans, the laser plinking can set can be used by young and old and at home, office or anywhere out of bright sunlight.

The future of laser technology as seen by LaserLyte is bright green. LaserLyte anticipates having new, smaller green lasers in similar configurations to their current red gun lasers. The challenge they face is within the battery. Battery development is behind in producing more powerful batteries in smaller packages. Aaron also sees a growing trend in laser accessorizing for the younger gun owner market. The younger set accessorizes to differentiate their personal firearm from their parent’s generation or the guy beside them on the firing range. Aaron and Larry Moore are already deep into developing the next generation of serious laser training systems and seriously fun laser accessories.