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The Innovation Evolution in Firearms Grips has Arrived

American Built Arms Company (A*B Arms), a Veteran-owned, Type 07 FFL manufacturer of firearms and firearms parts and accessories, builds on the success of the recently announced A*B Arms T*Grip for the IWI TAVOR® Bullpup rifle with the SBR P*Grip.

AB-Arms-SBR-PGrip-on-gunDesigned and manufactured in the USA by a veteran-owned company, the SBR P*Grip or Pistol Grip is made from technologically advanced polymer materials making them strong, lightweight and low profile. The patent pending, ambidextrous, ergonomic design allows the user to have an identical “feel” in both hands when using the T*Grip and the P*Grip together on one rifle. Having ambidextrous grips that mirror one another ultimately speeds muscle memory when training and allows for more control of the weapon’s platform. Users with smaller hands will find both grips easier to hold and control than what is currently available on today’s market. The patent pending, unique side swells on the grips also allow users with large hands to take advantage of the grip’s low profile and lightweight features.

SBR PGripBoth grips can house one CR123 battery or two “AA” batteries, allowing for battery storage capacity right at your fingertips. The SBR P*Grip is designed for modern sporting rifles using an AR- style pistol grip. The A*B Arms T*Grip purpose-fits the IWI TAVOR Bullpup rifle, as well as any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail found on most Bullpups, SBR’s, SMG’s and AR-15 style rifles. MSRP on the P*Grip is $24.99.

“At A*B Arms, we understood the demand for smart, innovative grips for AR-15 style rifles, but we didn’t want to develop just another grip. Our T*Grip and P*Grip are the result of feedback from our police, military and manufacturing clients combined with our forward-thinking engineering. The results speak for themselves. Our vertical grips are lightweight, very ergonomic and comfortable, innovative in material-use and styling and they are all made in the USA,” said Jason Combs, President and Founder of American Built Arms Company.

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