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MGM Targets Renews Sponsorship of Max Michel, Jr., Champion Competitive Shooter, Firearms Instructor and TV Personality, for 2014

By February 27, 2014No Comments

MGMTargetsWTYPE100k1213Max Michel, Jr., champion competitive shooter, firearms instructor and television personality, is pleased to announce that his long time sponsor, MGM Targets, has extended their sponsorship through 2014. Michel will be helping MGM Targets’ sponsorship coordinator with matches and events, as well as working with other team members. He will also be responsible for raising product knowledge and awareness of the MGM Targets brand to the general public.

“We are very excited to have signed Max to the MGM Targets team for another year,” remarked Travis Gibson, VP of MGM Targets. “Besides being a world champion many times over, he’s a great example of what we strive for in our daily business dealings. Integrity, patriotism, family values, professionalism and a commitment to excellence are the values we look for in our sponsored shooters and our employees.  As with all of our sponsored shooters, we’re honored to have him as part of the team and look forward to another successful season with him in our corner.”

22FFTwboxWEBMax will be using the MGM Targets Steel Challenge target system extensively in 2014. He will also be using MGM Targets Plate Racks, Cardboard Target Stands, Knock Over Plates and Cardboard Targets in his personal training, as well as in his courses.

Michel commented on his continued sponsorship with MGM Targets, “I’m very excited and honored to continue my relationship with MGM Targets. I have always said their targets speak for themselves, but the people behind the targets are exactly the type of folks I want to be associated with.”

He continued, “They not only have an incredible product, but they truly care about their customers and the shooting sports. The MGM Junior Camp is directly responsible for providing many young people a fun weekend of shooting. Additionally, the effort MGM Targets puts out to ensure these kids are taught real life lessons is just a small example of who they are and that’s why I am most proud to be a part of this amazing company.”

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