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RollerMouse Puts Productivity Where You Need It Most: At Your Fingertips

Contour Design, Inc., a global leader in the development, research and design of ergonomic computer input devices, will showcase their award winning RollerMouse Red at the SXSW Interactive Event held in Austin, Texas, March 9 – 12, 2014.

In the ever-evolving workplace environment, an increasing number of people spend a large portion of their work day at the computer. In industries where computers are used almost exclusively to create, design, produce or manage anything from projects to entire companies, little has been done to elevate or enhance the work environment. That is, until Contour Design introduced an innovative computer tool that streamlines and maximizes work proficiency, all while incorporating stylish design and the latest laser sensor technologies.

Contour_RollerMouse_Red_front_detail_keyboard_black__keys_webiRollerMouse Red revolutionizes the way professionals work at their computers. The latest in the RollerMouse line incorporates Contour Design’s proprietary 7SENSES™ tracking technology using a Phillips twin-eye laser sensor inside the polished aluminum rollerbar providing a perfect internal environment to interpret cursor movement. The innovative rollerbar glides effortlessly and precisely over a frictionless bearing surface with pinpoint accuracy. The rollerbar allows every user to maximize their performance, and is an exceptional tool for individuals such as Web and Software Developers or market traders that utilize multiple monitors. Without excessive scrolling or reaching, the users can pan the various monitors just by simply sliding the rollerbar an inch or two. For users whose jobs demand a great deal of repetitive scrolling, the integral center button offers an automatic scrolling feature that makes scrolling less tedious and more accurate.

Additionally, all controls are centrally located including the single click buttons for copy and paste. RollerMouse allows the user to make fewer clicks than a traditional mouse needs to get the job done. With all important functions centrally located, the user’s hands easily transition from keyboard to RollerMouse allowing the user to maintain focus without missing a step.

RollerMouse offers more than just workplace efficiency.  Its sleek aluminum design integrates easily with any keyboard. In 2013, RollerMouse Red was recognized with the Red Dot Design award, an internationally recognized product quality seal for its overall design. RollerMouse, it’s a revolutionary way to gain heightened productivity while making work fun.

The South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW) began in 1987 as a regional conference for showcasing Austin’s eclectic music scene to a global audience. As the event grew, a film and interactive component were added to the festival to accommodate the growing film and high tech industries. The SXSW Music Film Interactive event attracts the world’s leading creative talent and companies bringing together tomorrow’s ideas today. For film, music, high-tech and software professionals, RollerMouse Red and plus models empowers users to expand upon their creative output.

During the SXSW Interactive Show, Contour Design will promote RollerMouse Red and RollerMouse Red plus (extended palm support version) in the Contour Design booth 1034 and cross promote with Focal Upright at booth 205. During the show, Contour Design will raffle off a RollerMouse Red plus eleven times. During the SXSW Tradeshow Block Party on Tuesday, March 11, the Contour Design team will be offering beverages and snacks at the Focal booth.

For more information on RollerMouse Red, visit See RollerMouse in action and stay in the conversation on Facebook.