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Morphix Technologies® Announces its Chemical and Explosive Detectors Can Pair with Small, Unmanned Vehicles and Robots

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TraceX Explosives Detection Kit being used on unmanned vehicle during the U.S. Army's Thunderstorm Exercise


TraceX Explosives Detection Kit

TraceX Explosives Detection Kit

Virginia Beach, Va. (December 2016) – Morphix Technologies®, an innovator in the science of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, announces that its chemical & explosive detectors can be paired with unmanned vehicles like aerial drones, throwable robots and EOD robots to detect dangerous chemicals and explosives, keeping military, law enforcement and first responders safe and out of harm’s way.

The Chameleon® Chemical Detector and TraceX® Explosives Detection Kit are colorimetric (work through color change) and have several advantages over electronic detectors when used with an unmanned vehicle. Electronic detectors require specialized training, a large budget, regular maintenance and are often fragile. Using one with an unmanned vehicle is also difficult and often requires extensive technical collaboration between the unmanned vehicle manufacturer and the chemical/explosive detector manufacturer. Many small unmanned vehicles are only able to carry a light payload. Morphix’s chemical and explosive detectors have none of these disadvantages and are easy-to-use, colorimetric, light-weight, inexpensive and durable.

Chameleon Chemical Detector

Chameleon Chemical Detector

The Chameleon Chemical Detector can hold up to 10 cassettes, each of which detects a particular toxic chemical and changes color upon detection. The Chameleon can

Chameleon Chemical Detector on aerial unmanned vehicle

Chameleon Chemical Detector on aerial unmanned vehicle

easily be attached to a ground unmanned vehicle (UGV) or an aerial unmanned vehicle (UAV), using the Chameleon armband, or the hook and loop on the bottom of the Chameleon holder. Once the Chameleon is attached, the user simply maneuvers the unmanned vehicle to the area of concern and then returns the unmanned vehicle so the user can look for a color change. Alternatively, the user can position the Chameleon so that the unmanned vehicle’s camera can allow the user to view a color change remotely. Electronic chemical detectors are often too heavy and will not work with throwable ground robots not designed to carry fragile and heavy chemical detection instruments. They would also weigh down small unmanned aerial vehicles rendering them incapable of flying. Being lightweight, yet tough, the Chameleon pairs perfectly with these unmanned vehicles.


The TraceX Explosives Detection Kit is designed to help identify bombers, bomb-makers and their bomb-making facilities. This inexpensive kit can fit into a pocket and once deployed can detect most common explosive materials and their precursors at trace levels in a single test.

TraceX Explosives Detection Kit being used on unmanned vehicle during the U.S. Army's Thunderstorm Exercise

TraceX Explosives Detection Kit being used on unmanned vehicle during the U.S. Army’s Thunderstorm Exercise

While the TraceX Explosives Detection Kit is not the only colorimetric explosive test kit in use in the field, most colorimetric kits are not compatible with an EOD robot. For instance, some colorimetric kits are simple chemical droppers, which cannot be easily handled by a robot. Other colorimetric kits have a flexible swab to collect a sample but most robots are not able to grab and manipulate these swabs. The TraceX collector works with any EOD or bomb squad robot that has an arm and claw. This approach allows the user to keep a safe distance away from the suspicious material.

To use TraceX with a robot, the technician simply follows these steps:

  • At a safe distance from the suspect material, the technician simply closes the claw on the TraceX handle.
  • The technician then maneuvers the robot toward the suspect material, and moves the arm to collect a sample using the TraceX collector
  • The robot is then returned to the technician who removes the collector and operates the kit.

If you’d like to receive more information regarding the Chameleon or TraceX, please contact Morphix Technologies toll free at 800-808-2234 or locally at 757-431-2260. You can also email sales@morphtec.com.

Visit the website at www.morphtec.com to learn more or join the ongoing conversation on Facebook.



About Morphix Technologies®:

Morphix Technologies®, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company creating and manufacturing products that detect invisible dangers in order to save lives. Morphix Technologies® has taken innovation to the next level with high-quality, easy-to-use, cost effective and simple colorimetric sensor technology for military, law enforcement, first responders, emergency, homeland security and industrial personnel. http://www.morphtec.com/