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New Season of Extreme Huntress Premiering on GetZone.com

By September 13, 2017No Comments

Wilton, CT – September 13, 2017. Entering its 9th season, the original series Extreme Huntress™ is set to premiere exclusively on GetZone.com on September 15. This interactive, online competition series showcases hardcore female shooters and huntresses who compete head-to-head in hunting and skills challenges. Designed to appeal to outdoors women, female shooters and conservationists of all levels, Extreme Huntress™ is about preserving our outdoor heritage and creating positive role models for women in the shooting and hunting sports.

The Extreme Huntress Competition takes nearly nine months for the contestants to complete and is held at YO Ranch Headquarters. To meet the needs of today’s viewing habits, all 26 episodes will go live at once on GetZone.com. Viewers can vote for their favorite Extreme Huntress at www.extremehuntress.com. The winner of the 2017 Extreme Huntress Competition is announced at the Dallas Safari Club.”

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Extreme Huntress Sponsors

Extreme Huntress is hosted by top names in the hunting industry:

Diana Award winner, Olivia Nalos Opre also co-hosts “Eye of the Hunter” on GetZone.com, has an online hunting blog, is a full-time hunting consultant for Jack Brittingham’s World of Hunting Adventure, is an active measurer for Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, Rowland Ward and a Master Measurer Instructor for SCI.

Brittany Boddington writes for several notable outdoor publications including Peterson’s Hunting Magazine, Sports A’field and Guns and Ammo. Brittany appears on the TV shows “Tracks Across Africa” and “The American Huntress”.

Larry Weishuhn is one of North America’s most recognized outdoor personalities. Weishuhn has long appeared on big-game-hunting television shows such as “North American Hunter”, “Game Trails”, “HuntMasters”, “Whitetail Country”, “A Hunter’s Life” and the extremely popular “Winchester World of Whitetail with Larry Weishuhn” on popular networks like Versus, Outdoor Channel, Pursuit, Sportsman Channel.

This Extreme Huntress™ Season is sponsored by Ruger, Otis Technology, High Heel Huntress, HuntingTrophy.com, Aguila Ammunition, Night Fision Precision Tritium, YO Ranch Headquarters and Dallas Safari Club. Additional support is provided by Hornady Ammunition, Styrka and MTM Case-Gard.

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“It’s clear that we have the viewer demand for great, original outdoor content,” said Jeff Siegel, CEO of Media Lodge. “We have detailed metrics on our viewers, and can drive millions of impressions across GetZone.com, our social media channels and our network of websites”.

GetZone partners with the outdoor industry’s top video content creators to deliver the best in hunting, fishing, firearms, motorsports and camping. This exclusive content lives on GetZone as well as across the entire Media Lodge network of sites.

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Ruger provided top-of-the-line equipment and firearms to ensure the ladies were ready for competition.

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High Heel Huntress provides women with outdoor and leisure wear that offers state of the art functionality and extreme comfort in a stylish way.

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