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RETAY Shotguns Sponsors the Tennessee Governor’s One Shot Turkey Hunt

RETAY donated a duo of exclusive limited-edition shotguns in support of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation for the annual Governor’s One Shot Turkey Hunt and Banquet.

Easton, Md. (April 2024) – RETAY USA, a division of Banshee Brands, and the North American sales and distribution for RETAY ARMS, makers of innovative semi-auto shotguns, donated a set of RETAY Anatalya Jet Black and Antalya SS Elegant Custom Shotguns to the annual Tennessee Governor’s One Shot Turkey Hunt and Banquet.

The event, held on April 13, 2024, at the Factory at Franklin, is a celebration and recognition of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and an ongoing commitment to preserving the hunting and fishing heritage for future generations of Tennesseans. Participating hunters were paired with an experienced guide and allowed to hunt on premium properties in an attempt to harvest an opening-day gobbler. After the hunt, the One Shot Banquet was held which included a live auction for hunting experiences, high-end guns, and historical pieces.

RETAY USA has donated an exclusive shotgun for the previous two years. This year, the donation was a set of RETAY Antalya custom shotguns; an SS Jet Black with a sleek polished black receiver and an SS Elegant with a coin anodized finish adorned with an intricate scroll engraving. These exclusive and limited-edition shotguns featured the Tennessee Tri-Star engraved on the receivers. The retail value of the set was $5,700.00.

“The Tennessee Governor’s One Shot Hunt and Banquet is an important event honoring our sporting heritage in Tennessee, and recognizing the ongoing efforts of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in preserving our natural resources, and cultivating our abundant wildlife,” Christian Handy, CEO of Banshee Brands, explained. “We are honored to participate, and happy to donate these beautiful shotguns to raise money during the One Shot event for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.”

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Located in the Mid-Atlantic outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise of Easton, Maryland, RETAY USA is the North American strategic arm for Retay Arms of Konya, Turkey. RETAY USA manages the brand’s marketing and sales efforts, importation, logistics, and distribution in North America, as well as warranty service for the RETAY brand of semi-automatic shotguns. RETAY shotguns integrate more innovative design elements for better results in the field, right out of the box.