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Sentry Solutions has now packaged the Field Grade Gear Care Kit in a travel-size tin for in-the-field or on-the-range gear protection.

Sentry Solutions has combined their internationally known Tuf-Cloth™, Tuf-Glide™, a Gatco® Super Micro X sharpener and easy to use lint-free cleaning tools in a pocket-sized tin that will fit in any range bag, backpack, tackle box or glove compartment. The Sentry Solutions products provide a great combination of revolutionary lubrication, protection and sharpening versatility for knives, firearms, and broad heads for a retail price of $23.99.

Tuf-Cloth is the long-lasting, oil-free alternative for oil and silicone rags that prevents rust from forming on any metal surface. The Tuf-Cloth provides a fast-drying, water-displacing micro-bonded barrier against rust, friction and wear by simply wiping the metal surface of knives, tools, or tackle. Unlike silicone products, the Tuf-Cloth does not leave an oily film that attracts dirt.

Tuf-Glide works with the Tuf-Cloth in protecting and lubricating those hard to reach places. Its powerful oil-free rust inhibitor and lubricant are in a quick-drying mineral spirits carrier, which effectively transfers the active lubricants to the micro-pores in any metal surface. After delivering its cleaning action, the carrier evaporates, promoting the bond between the metal and the active ingredients without leaving a sticky residue behind. The dry barrier shield outperforms oil lubricants by more than 14 times in any environment or temperature.

Gatco’s Super Micro X Sharpener is the industry’s leading compact sharpener for knives, arrows and serrated-edged tools. Two fine and two medium sharpening rods are included, as is a built-in angle guide that makes razor-sharp sharpening quick and easy.

The new Sentry Solutions Field Grade Gear Care Kit Tin is also available for customization for events or marketing promotions. For more information on the Sentry Solutions Field Grade Gear Care Kit Tin – visit

To learn more, read the full press release.