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Shooting Sports And Firearms Companies Get Connected To Social Media

By February 24, 2010No Comments

Author: Brian Johnson, Editor
Author: Ashley Burgess, Senior MARCOM Manager Laura Burgess Marketing

Few marketers truly understand the syndication and reach potential of new social media tools. The engine that drives new media marketing is content and “content is king” in social media.  A marketer helps clients by producing quality content to drive visitor interest and maintain a brand in the eyes of the marketplace.  Social media provides the technical environment to syndicate content, using the new media tools to locate interested users and deliver  news, events and commentary to maintain interest and enhance the value of a brand.

Social media marketing is the future of building brand awareness through content syndication.  The Shooting Sports industry is the perfect industry for this marketing method.  Internet activism through blogs and user forums are abundant in the shooting and firearms industry.  There are large volumes of users embracing the technology that is the foundation of social media marketing.

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