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The Social Media Reload: September 2, 2016

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Laura Burgess Marketing Social Media Reload

If it’s entertaining, interesting or controversial, you can bet you’ll find it every Friday in our social media wrap-up, the Social Media Reload. Continue below to see what you may have missed.

Shooting sports is one thing, then there are sports with guns. Matt of Demolition Ranch  teamed up with YouTubers Alex Mandel and Andrea Wendel to take regular sports to the next level in their latest videos. Watch Matt and his wife team up against Alex and Andrea in a friendly game of billiards and bullets, or bulliards. Then, laugh as the A-Team attempt to hit tennis balls launched from an X Products Can Cannon while trying to not to get hit themselves. And wait until you see what the racket looks like afterward. We don’t recommend playing these games at home, but they sure do look like fun!

In last week’s Social Media Reload we discussed the fallout of the Bowmar’s bear hunt that resulted in public backlash and ultimately Under Armour ending their contract with Sarah. This week, bowhunter Tim Wells of The Sportsman Channel show Relentless Pursuit released video of his own bear spear hunt with a clear message for those who question or oppose the act. As seen in the self-filmed video, Tim takes aim from above, passing on one black bear before a larger target takes the bait. The spear, with a Go Pro attached, shlocks the bear straight through for a quick and humane kill. In the end, Tim gets his monster while providing funding for conservation efforts. (via Outdoor Hub)

After a video from YouTuber Philip DeFranco earlier this week, creators and fans took up arms over the platform’s demonetization of videos, most by some of platform’s biggest channels. According to a statement from YouTube, while their “policy of demonetizing videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed, [they’ve] recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication.” However, by improving that process, YouTube revealed new details that has left many creators feeling angry, frustrated and concerned. For more, read a thoughtful take on the news from one of our favorite YouTubers, TWANGnBANG.

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